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About Us
Problems We Work on:

Living in an era of information, many people are so concerned about information security and data loss. The issue of preventing data loss is needed to be solved. So based on the popular demand, we provide products specially used in recovering data on iOS devices, Android devices, and other types of storage media.

Products We Provide:

We establish Recovery-tool.com, an international website aggregating iOS/Android Transfer and Recovery software, a series of commonly used software including freeware and shareware.

Our Mission:

We are committed to provide you professional and reliable software to recover or backup data on your iOS devices, Android devices, hard drives, removable hard disks, memory cards, etc.

Our Product Series:

At present, Recovery-tool.com can provide software of iOS Data Recovery, Android Data Recovery, Photo Recovery, Mac Photo Recovery etc. Meanwhile, we can offer detailed guidance, easy tutorials and some useful tips to solve the problems which you may meet when using software.

About Us
Based on public needs for recovering data, customer team provides a series of suitable software to address concerns of data loss.
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