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Access Android Phone with Broken Screen

How to Access Data from Android Phone with Broken Screen

Posted by Aimee , Nov 12, 2018

"Help! It was a misfortune that my Galaxy S6 slipped from great height and the screen is totally cracked. Now I can't access any data saved on my S6's internal memory. Can anyone suggest how to recover data from Android phone with broken screen? Very urgent, thanks!"
So sorry to hear that, but we have to admit that this is a quite common phenomenon. The main cause behind cracked Android phone screen is physical damage. Usually, Android devices are very delicate and falling from great height may be the end of those devices. On the other hand, when your Android got a cracked screen, the other important part must be your data. Perhaps the data is indispensable for your work or others. So what should you do to access files from Android phone with broken screen? The answer is positive. Here I've outline two different methods to get this job done.

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Part 1: Recover Data if you can still see the display

Sometimes after dropping the phone from height, the display won't be affected. In this case, you can fix this by using a USB OTG (On The Go) and a mouse connected to your device. A USB OTG connects mobile phones to other devices. Basically, your Android has a mini-USB port and you need to connect this to a mouse that has a USB port, which links these two together. Once get connected, you can unlock your device regardless of whether you have a pattern, PIN or password. We recommend using passwords because they are highly secure.
Well, now that your phone is unlocked, you can connect it to your PC and choose to transfer data to your SD card or directly connect it to your PC and transfer the files there.

Part 2: Access files from Android phone with broken screen using RecoveryTool

To recover your data, RecoveryTool Android Data Recovery is the most ideal helper for you. It allows you to easily access all files from broken screen, even the screen is beyond repair. Just a few steps, you are able to recover all your data with ease.
Step 1: Download and install the software on your PC. Run this program and tap "Recover Andoird Data" in "Recover". Then select "Recover from Broken Phone".


Step 2: Next, you can choose what you want to scan and recover by selecting the types of files you want the program to search for. If you want everything, just tap on "select all".

Broken Screen

Step 3: The software will then ask you exactly what is wrong with your Android phone. If your screen is broken, you need to click "Black screen (or screen is broken)" in order to go on.

Recover Data

Step 4: In the next window, select the correct name and model of your device. If you can't make sure, you can find the answer by clicking "How to confirm the device model".


Step 5: As you can see, now you will be provided with clear instructions on how to enter "Download Mode" for your particular device.

Download Mode

Step 6: In this part, please connect your Android device to your PC and allow this program to analyze it, then scan it for all your files.

Step 7: Once the analysis and scanning complete, all your files on the device will be displayed in the following window. Select whatever you want to recover, and then click on "Recover".

Recover Data from Broken Screen

Perfect job!
No matter you screen is smashed or cracked, all the data from your Android device can be recoverable. That's why RecoveryTool Android Data Recovery is highly recommended. Please press the download button and have a free try. Any problems, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Access Android Phone with Broken Screen

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