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Fix Soft Bricked Android

How to Fix the Soft Bricked Android Phone

Posted by Aimee , May 15, 2020

"I have spent a lot of time and energy on this issue. I don't like to disturb others. Now I have to ask someone for help. Yesterday, I removed the phone battery to take out the SD card, and then reinsert it. After the device was restarted, I found that the Galaxy Note couldn't go to the home screen and it stuck on the Samsung logo.  My friend said it was a soft-brick problem. I hope to fix this problem. If there is no way to repair the soft brick Android phone, Then I hope I can retrieve the pictures from my phone. Please help me! "
Brick Android mobile phones are classified as soft bricks or hard bricks. For these issues, we need to deal with them carefully. Tampering with device settings, flashing unofficial ROMs, and wrong internal settings on the phone can all cause the phone to brick. You will not be able to use your smartphone normally because it cannot enter the home screen. It will always be stuck on the device logo and cannot perform boot operations. To solve this difficult problem, you can read the information provided in this article.

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Part 1: What is a soft-bricked phone

Once the Android device is in the hard brick state, the device will not respond when you press the power button. It looks like your phone is dead. Unfortunately, the hard bricks of smartphones can only be repaired by the official repair service. Although the soft bricked Android phone can't be turned on normally, the following characteristics will appear:
1. The device freezes on the boot screen.
2. The phone restarts repeatedly.
3. Go to recovery mode after the phone boot.
4. The device displays a black or white screen.

Soft-bricked Phone

In general, users have a certain probability to repair the soft brick mobile phone by themselves. If the above situation appears on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, it will be much easier to repair through the fix tool.

Part 2: How to repair soft-bricked Android phone

Different reasons cause the mobile phone to become a soft brick, which needs to be repaired using different methods.
1. Solution for Android device stuck in a boot loop.
- Press the power button and volume down button.
- Multiple options will appear on the recovery mode screen.
- Press the volume key to scroll through and find "Wipe cache partition".
- Then go to the "Reboot System".

Repair Soft-bricked Android Phone

2. Fix the scheme of only going to the recovery mode after the device is started.
- Refer to the user manual to root the phone and unlock the Bootloader.
- After unlocking the Bootloader, select "Backup" or "Android" in the recovery mode. Then click "OK" to backup.
- In order for the phone to fresh the new ROM, you need to download and store the correct ROM to the SD card.
- Insert the SD card into the Android phone. Select the "Install Zip from SD Card" item in the recovery mode.
- Use the volume keys to select and download the appropriate ROM. After the download is completed, restart the device.
3. Suggestions for solving other soft-bricked mobile phone problems.
The above two methods can fix specific problems. For soft brick problems caused by other reasons, you need to seek help from the mobile phone manufacturer.

Part 3: Try to fix the Android system

If you need a more convenient way to repair bricked phones, you can try RecoveryTool Android Data Recovery. However, this method only supports some Samsung models.
1. Download Android Data Recovery on the RecoveryTool website. Then install it on the computer.
2. After running the software, select "Broken Android Data Extraction" in the program interface.

Broken Android Data Extraction

3. After entering the next interface, click "Start" on the right to use the repair function.


4. Select one of the options according to the status of the phone, and then click the "Next" button.


5. Once the Android system is successfully repaired, you can restart the device and extract data from it.

Fix Android System

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