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How to Recover Lost Data from HTC

Posted by Kate , Dec 11, 2015

A friend with a HTC One phone had formatted his phone and lost all the messages and contacts. He asked how to recover data from HTC because he haven't backup.

To retrieve deleted files from HTC, you should know firstly the cause of deleting data from HTC devices. When you are formatting the phone due to the physical damage of SIM card, you are actually deleting data. Or in other cases, you may delete your data by mistake. But don't worry, you can easily recover files by using the practical software, the Android Data Recovery.
RecoveryTool Android Data Recovery is the special software designed to restore deleted files in HTC phone or other android devices. It has an elegant and soft interface and it is easy to manage. With Android Data Recovery, you can retrieve your information including messages, contacts, SMS and so on.
Don't import new data into the phone if you want to restore the lost data, in case the original one being overwritten.

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Guide: How to Recover Deleted Data from HTC Devices

Step 1: Have your HTC phone connected with computer

At the beginning, you need to download the app, then install and run it. You will need connect your phone to computer after clicking the "Recover Android Data" on "Recover" interface. Then it can detect your HTC automatically.
A window will pops up and remind you to enable USB debugging.
After doing that, hit "Start" to continue.

Recover HTC Files

Step 2: Have the type of files you want to recover selected

After the phone successfully connecting the computer, a window will come up asking you to select the types of data you want to recover. For the purpose of recovering data, just tick "Select all" and then click "Next".


Step 3: Allow the app to scan your HTC phone for data

Look at your phone, you can see there is a request reminding you, just click "Allow" and then look back to your computer and click "Start".
Remember to keep the phone connected with computer when scanning.
Android Data Recovery will scan all your lost data including contacts, message, videos, photos and videos, but you can stop it while scanning the videos or photos.


Step 4: Recover the deleted data

After scanning, the files that you can recover are on the left column. Different colors are used to distinguish the deleted files and existing files but you can choose to only display the deleted items by clicking the button on the top.
Mark the needed data and then click "Recover".

Restore HTC Data

Okay! By using the Android Data Recovery, the data you want to recover are now on file on your computer, don't you feel excited? Maybe you want to try the app next time, but why not don't you do it now? Just download it!

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