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Recover Hangouts Audio Message on Android

How to Extract Hangouts Audio Messages on Android

Posted by Aimee , Sep 01, 2020

"My phone's operating system is Android 9.0 Pie. I don't know why the received Hangouts messages cannot be played. How can I extract these audio files? Is this an error? Who can help me?"
Hangouts is a cross-platform free messaging application developed by Google. Video calls, text messaging, voice calls, and group chat functions are all integrated into Hangouts. You can keep in touch with friends, family, colleagues, or other people at any time with the help of these functions. Some important information will be stored in Hangouts over time. When you lose important text messages or audio messages on it, it is an urgent matter to rescue these chat records. The article uses voice messages as an example to explain how to easily restore deleted Hangout history.

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Part 1: The reason for the loss of Google Hangout Audio Messages

The following factors can cause the loss of Hangout chat history:
1. Delete Hangout chat history accidentally.
2. The phone has been restored to factory settings.
3. Uninstall Google Hangout and delete data along with it.
4. The device loses data for no reason.
5. Some data is missing when the Android system upgrade fails.
6. Malware or virus attack.
7. The phone is physically damaged.

Google Hangout

Generally speaking, the first six situations can use Android data recovery tools to restore lost data.

Part 2: Recover Hangout Audio Messages with RecoveryTool

RecoveryTool Android Data Recovery can recover Hangout conversations, music, SMS, contacts, videos, call logs, books, and other file types on Android devices. Therefore, you can use it to retrieve Hangout audio messages.
1. Download and install the Android recovery software to the computer, and then connect Android to the computer.
2. Select the "Android Data Recovery" mode on the tool interface. Then select "Audio" or "Media" to scan your device.

Android Data Recovery


3. After rooting the Android device, you can scan the device data. Once the scan is completed, you will be able to view all file types on the program interface. View and extract the missing Hangout Audio Messages in the "Media" item, and then save them to your computer. Even if these audio files cannot be played on Android devices, you can also play them on PC.

Recover Hangouts Audio Message on Android

The Android tool provided by RecoveryTool helps people quickly retrieve the lost Hangout Audio Messages. This is a good idea. If you want to retrieve Hangout Audio Messages from an iOS device, what you need is the "iPhone Data Recovery" function in RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery.

Part 3: Retrieve archived conversations from Gmail

If you have enabled the "Hangouts History" feature in your Gmail account, then you don't need to use any data recovery tool to recover Hangouts messages. This feature can save conversations in Hangouts to the cloud.
1. Run a commonly used browser on your computer and go to the Gmail URL. Enter the account and password to log in.
2. Find and click "More" to expand the list of tags. Then select "Chats".
3. Find the Hangouts messages you need.


Part 4: Permanently delete specific messages in Hangouts on Android

You have retrieved the conversation in the Hangout, but you also want to know how to delete the SMS in the Hangout. You can refer to the following:
1. Run the Hangouts app and select one of the conversations.
2. Tap "Menu", and then click "Turn history off". Then log in to your Gmail account.
3. Tap "More", and then choose "Chats". Select specific Hangout content and click "Delete Hangout history". Then select "Permanently delete history for this Hangout" to erase it permanently.

Delete Specific Messages in Hangouts

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Recover Hangouts Audio Message on Android

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