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Restore Android Contacts from Gmail

How to Recover Android Contacts from Gmail

Posted by Aimee , Jun 07, 2021

"I reset my Android phone and lost all my contacts. How can I restore my contacts?"
If you have backed up your data, it is not difficult to recover the contacts on the Android device. But not everyone has the habit of backing up files. In this case, you can also try to recover the phone number from Gmail. As long as the Google account is synchronized with your device, all your contacts will be retrieved. There are many posts about contact recovery on Android forums, but it is difficult for you to get a complete solution. This article is written for this question. You will be able to learn how to recover Android contacts from Gmail.

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Retrieve contacts to Android device via Gmail

If you have a Google account and have backed up contacts via Gmail, then you can follow the steps below.
1. Go to the "Settings" item and find "Accounts".
2. Locate "Google". After finding the Gmail address, you need to select it and check if the "Sync Contacts" item is selected.
3. Log in to the Gmail account in the browser.
4. After finding "Gmail" in the upper left corner, click "Contacts" in the drop-down menu.
5. Click "More" in the contact list. Then select the "Restore contacts" item.
6. Tap the time you want to recover.
7. Click the "Settings" item on the Android device again.
8. Click "Accounts" to go to "Google".
9. After you find the Google account associated with your contact, you can click "Sync now".
10. Then your contacts will be transferred from Google to the Android device.

Restore Android Contacts from Gmail

A better solution for contacts recovery

Gmail may not have all the contacts you need. At this time you will need to try a contact recovery tool, which can simplify the contact recovery process. You will not have to be constrained by tedious steps. You can easily restore contacts, pictures, text messages and other content in a few simple steps.

Contacts Recovery

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Restore Android Contacts from Gmail

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