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Recover PowerPoint Files on PC

How to Restore PowerPoint Files on the Computer

Posted by Aimee , Sep 09, 2017

"I am using PowerPoint software to do for my task. Unluckily, my computer shut down when it had a problem. So I lost a 24-page PowerPoint presentation from computer during a power failure. The presentation is very important that I spent 3 hours working on. How do I recover my PowerPoint files?"
Nowadays, PowerPoint files is widely used by students, teachers, trainers, officers and etc. PowerPoint becomes increasingly important and popular to educational institutions, companies, and many other organizations to create training materials, product presentations, annual reports, and much more. However, there may be times that users lose PPT files because of error operation, system format or computer problem. It would be a great disaster. Unfortunately, you may not have extra time to make such a valuable PowerPoint again. You'll ask, is it possible to recover lost PowerPoint files? Yes, of course. Fortunately, you have an effective PowerPoint recovery solution.
Your powerful tool is RecoveryTool Data Recovery, which is a 100% safe recovery tool. You can use it to retrieve your important files.

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Step1. Launch data recovery

Firstly, download and install the right version of the PowerPoint recovery software on your computer.

Step2. Select file types

In this process, you are able to choose the type of files. Then click "Next".


Step 3. Select the Location

The recovery tool will ask you for the location where you lost your files. You can select a location to start restoring data.

Select the Location

Step4. Choose the target files and start recovering

In the end, the found contents will all be displayed on your computer. Then tap "Recover" to restore  your lost but important files on the target files.

Restore PowerPoint Files

Note: Remember not to save your recovered files in the original place you lost them. You must find another location or use an external disk. This software also works for photos, audio and videos files.

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Recover PowerPoint Files on PC

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