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10 Common iPhone Problems

Top 10 iPhone Problems and Quick Fixes

Posted by Aimee , Mar 11, 2019

A quality product! Super smooth and reliable! Your sleek iPhone is all of this. Since it first releases in June 2007, each iteration has delivered a premium product and has made good on the brand's promise of quality. But even then, just like any other smartphones, iPhone proves that nothing is perfect, and your precious iPhone can be killed by all kinds of problems. Aiming to have a trouble-free experience with your device, we have listed various iPhone problems and their fixes in this post. Let's read on and check them out together.

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Part 1: Top 10 iPhone problems and fixes

1. iPhone 7 is not charging. Once happens, try charging your iPhone with a new authentic cable or use another port. You can also restart it to fix this issue.
2. Battery drains without using the phone. After an iOS update, iPhone battery drains rapidly without even using the device. To fix it, you need to diagnose its usage. Go to Settings and check how the battery has been consumed by various apps. 
3. iPhone overheating problem. Actually, this happens even when iPhone  is idle. To fix it, update your device to a stable iOS version. Go to Settings > General > Software Update and get a stable iOS version.
4. iPhone ringer problem. If your iPhone can't ring while getting a call, then it may be a hardware or a software related problem. Just check whether your iPhone is on mute or not. You can also visit your phone's Settings > Sounds and adjust its volume.
5. iPhone Sound problems. If you find your iPhone can't listen to any sound while being on a call. Go to Settings > Accessibility and turn on the option of "Phone Noise Cancellation". This will let you have a better calling experience.
6. iPhone echo/hissing issue. If you hear an echo or a hissing sound on your phone, then you can just put the phone on speaker for a second. Later, you can tap on it again to turn it off. And sometimes, your network quality may be the reason, too. Try hanging up and call again.
7. Proximity sensor not working, which makes you talk seamlessly over a call. Try to restart your phone, hard reset it, restore it, put it in DFU mode, etc.
8. iPhone calling problems. From not being able to make a call to getting calls dropped, there could be plenty of iPhone issues related to calling. First of all, make sure your network is stable.
9. Can't connect to a Wifi network. Check if you are filling the correct password for the network. One of the best ways to do so is by resetting the network settings. Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap on the "Reset network settings" option.
10. Unstable Wi-Fi connection. We all know that a terrible network never brings a seamless connection. Well, resolve the issue by resetting the network. Select the Wi-Fi network and tap on the "Forget this network". Restart your phone and connect to the Wi-Fi again.

Part 2: Fix iPhone problems using RecoveryTool

Generally speaking, if this is a software or OS issue, you really need RecoveryTool Fix Recovery to help you. You just need to launch the software> As soon your device gets connected to PC RecoveryTool Fix Recovery will detect it> go for iOS System Recovery option (there you can see your device details)> booting up the device in DFU Mode> Choose the firmware> Finally click on the fix now to resolve the issue.


iPhone Not Charging

iPhone Battery Drain


Thanks for reading! Hope this post can be helpful for you.

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10 Common iPhone Problems

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