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How to Fix iDevice Stuck on Recovery Mode

Posted by Aimee , Aug 19, 2019

Once your iPhone, iPad or other apple devices are stuck in apple recovery mode, you mostly will lose your current data and settings on your devices. By means of iTunes, it is possible to recover iPhone recovery mode. However, what if you hadn't backup your data on iTunes, is there anything safe to fix iDevices stuck in recovery mode?
Fortunately, the answer is yes and here we are going to show you. RecoveryTool Fix Recovery is the practical and powerful software that can help to fix your iPhone in recovery mode without losing data.

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Part 1: What is Recovery Mode and Why did I stuck in it

Recovery Mode is a method to write a new iOS (operating system) to your device. This might become necessary when your device is misbehaving.
Sometimes you have activated Recovery Mode deliberately, but your iPhone becomes stuck in a zombie state. As is commonly recognized, Apple does not like owners having too much control, and Recovery Mode sometimes strikes if you attempt to jailbreak the phone. Unfortunately, it also sometimes happens that you get stuck, when you are simply trying to upgrade the version of the iOS.
You may try to fix it by connecting iDevice to iTunes or you may try to follow the following guide below.

Part 2: How to Fix Apple Device Stuck on Recovery Mode

Step 1. Launch the Program

To begin with, download the software on your computer and install the program. After entering the main interface of the program, select the "iOS System Recovery" and then click "Start".

Recovery Mode

Step 2. Download the Latest Firmware

Connect your iOS device to the computer and then the program will automatically detect your device. The latest version of the firmware is needed to fix the recovery mode, so just follow the suggestion and click "Repair".

Fix Apple Recovery Mode

Step 3. Fix iDevice Stuck on Recovery Mode

After downloading the firmware, the program is now ready to fix your Apple device stuck in recovery mode. Just wait for several minutes until the program notify you that your iOS is back to normal mode.

iOS in Recovery Mode

The article above had showed you how to get iPhone out of recovery mode without losing data, I am convinced that it will help you a lot. For detailed information, just download the program and have a try.

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Apple Recovery Mode

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