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Blue Screen Error

How to Fix Blue Screen Error on iPhone/iPad

Posted by Aimee , Jun 19, 2019

"Help! Recently, the blue screen issue keeps existing on my iPhone 6s. What's the cause? And what should I do to solve this problem? Any suggestions, thank you so much!"
Well, no matter how we take good care of our iPhone, there are some things that are way beyond our control. For example, the blue screen error on our iOS devices, which is caused mainly by faulty hardware drivers that directly stop the function of the OS of the device. So how to fix it? Now let's find the answers and solutions in this following post.

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Part 1: Common ways to fix blue screen on iPhone/iPad

Method 1: Restart iPhone/iPad to fix blue screen issue. Just press the Home and Power button at the same time. Keep holding the two buttons for a while till the device turns off. Then you can restart your device to fix blue screen issue.
Method 2: Restore iPhone/iPad from iTunes to fix such a problem. If you failed to reboot iPhone/iPad to fix the blue screen issue, you can also restore iPad to factory settings or restore from iTunes backup.
Step 1: Connect your device to your PC.
First of all, connect your device to PC with USB, launch iTunes manually to detect your iPhone/iPad blue screen.
Step 2: Start restoring from iTunes backup.
As long as you see the Apple logo on the iTunes, select it in iTunes and then choose Restore Backup. Scan the content of backup data and then choose the ones that you want to backup. Then just hit on Restore to start the restoring process.
Step 3: Fix blue screen problem.
When the backup and sync is done, you can disconnect your device.

Part 2: The best way to fix blue screen on iPhone/iPad without data loss

Want an alternative way to solve this problem? Then your best choice is to download a professional iOS system repairing tool, RecoveryTool Fix Recovery, which will fix your device without any data loss.
Here is how-to-do guidance. Have a check.
Step 1: Download and launch the software on your PC, tap on iOS System Recovery.


Step 2: Connect your iPhone/iPad to your PC via USB. Once the program detects it, click on Start to go on.


Step 3: Now you need to download the latest iOS firmware to your device. Since the program will offer you the latest one so all you have to do is click Repair.

Fix Blue Screen Error

Step 4: Once the download is completed, the program will start to fix your iPhone/iPad blue screen to normal.

Step 5: A few minutes later, you should see a message notifying you that the process has completed and that the device will now restart in normal mode. Congratulations! You made it!

Solve Blue Screen Error

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Blue Screen Error

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