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Fix Apple Music Keeps Pausing or Skipping

How to Fix Apple Music Keeps Pausing or Skipping

Posted by Aimee , Sep 21, 2020

"When I listen to music, the Apple Music app will suddenly pause the song. After the song is paused for a few seconds, I press the play button. But it doesn't work. I have to switch to the next song and then skip back to play it again. There will be several random pauses during the whole song playing. I didn't do anything but couldn't play the music. Does anyone know what is causing this? How can I fix it?"
Since Apple introduced iOS 11, we have received reports from users that Apple music randomly pauses or skips to random positions in the song. The Apple Music app is like a lunatic. Based on the analysis of some known data, we conclude that this problem is closely related to iOS. After collecting some possible solutions, we summarized them in this user guide. Keep reading to get a detailed solution.

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Part 1: Repair iOS system

The problem that Apple Music keeps pausing or skipping is related to the system, so repairing iOS files can also effectively solve the problem. And RecoveryTool Fix Recovery is a powerful iOS repair software that can fix most iOS system problems.
1. Download and install this fix recovery tool on your computer. After running it, connect the iOS device to the PC.
2. Click "iOS System Recovery". The program will automatically detect the device, you just need to tap "Start" to go to the next step.

iOS System Recovery


3. Check the detected device information in the tab of the software interface. Then click the "Repair" button to repair.
4. After the firmware download is completed, the tool can repair the damaged iOS files.


This tool can also be used to fix iPhone group messages not working, iPhone says search issue, iPad cannot be closed, etc. This is a simple and fast method. You will not have to eliminate the fault factors one by one.

Part 2: Common ways to fix Apple Music keeps pausing or skipping

1. Reinstall the music application.
- Long press the music app icon on the Home screen until all the icons are shaking.
- Tap the "X" icon in the upper left corner of the music app, and then confirm the deletion.
- Restart the iOS device. Reinstall the music app in the App Store.

Reinstall the Music Application

2. Try other headphones.
Apple Music keeps skipping or pausing while using the headset, so replacing the headphone can help solve the problem.
3. Restart your iOS device.
Restart iPhone/iPad:
- Long press the side button and one of the volume buttons until the shutdown slider appears.
- Drag the slider to turn off the iPhone.
- To restart the device, just press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.
Restart iPod touch:
- Press and hold the button on the top of the device until the slider appears.
- Drag the shutdown slider and wait 30 seconds.
- Press and hold the top button again. Release the button when you see the Apple logo.
Tip: iPhone, iPad, or iPod should not keep restarting.
4. Download the song again
- Click "Settings" on the Home page, and then click "General".
- After going to the "Storage & iCloud Usage" item, you will need to tap "Manage Storage". Find the Apple Music app in the list of applications.
- When you find the "Music" option, tap "Edit". Click the "Delete" button to delete the song.
- Re-download the desired song.

Remove Song

Please note that this will not delete all personal data of iOS devices.
5. Reset the network settings.
- Find "General" in the "Settings" app.
- Tap "Reset" and then go to "Reset Network Settings".
- Enter the required password and click "Reset Network Settings" to confirm.
6. Sync the songs again via iTunes.
Use iTunes to sync music again to replace damaged files.
- Connect the iOS device to the computer, and then run iTunes.
- Click the device icon in the upper left corner of the iTunes software interface.
- Tap the "Music" item on the left side of the iTunes program interface. Select one of the items in "Sync Music".
- Click the "Apply" button.
7. Update iOS.
Another way to eliminate Apple Music problems is to update iOS.
8. Turn off Siri.
Siri will interfere with music playback when it wakes up multiple times.
- Click "General" in "Settings".
- Find and tap the "Siri" item. Then switch the button next to Siri to off.
- Click "Turn Off Siri" to confirm the operation.
Repairing Siri that is not working requires other more professional solutions.
9. Disable the Raise to Wake option.
- Go to the "Settings" item and click "Display & Brightness".
- Switch "Raise to Wake" to off.

Raise to Wake

Hope one of the above methods can solve your problem. So that you can continue to enjoy music.

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Fix Apple Music Keeps Pausing or Skipping

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