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Fix iPad Black Screen

How to Fix Black Screen on iPad

Posted by Kate , Jul 20, 2017

An iPad may stuck in iPad black screen in many cases. The operation likes updating iOS 9.3, upgrading iOS 8.4, using iPad to send an email or playing "Angry Bird" may lead to the black screen on iPad. Many users are confronted with the question that how to fix black screen on iPad. Don't worry about that, here we recommend you the RecoveryTool Fix Recovery, the practical software to fix most problems on an iPad. Within several simple steps, it can fix your iPad when your iPad screen is black.
Note: The software is unavailable to recover black screen caused by a broken hardware.

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Part 1: Here Are Some Ordinary Ways to Fix Black Screen

1. Recharge – and keep recharging
The most common cause of "the black screen of dread" is the fact that the iPad battery is so drained that nothing, not even the red empty battery icon, can be displayed. The iPad has a much bigger battery than the iPhone so leave it charging for at least an hour from a proper power adaptor rather than a USB lead from a computer. If in doubt let it charge overnight – especially if the charger is for an iPhone – hopefully by morning the iPad will be back online.
2. Reset
To reset and restart your iPad hold down the Sleep/Wake button on the top right of the tablet while simultaneously pressing down the home button. Keep both buttons depressed until the iPad restart – this can take up to 15 seconds, so persevere.
3. Restart
A blank screen may mean that the iPhone is switched on, but the display is not working. In this situation forcing a restart may jolt it back into action.

Part 2: How to iPad Fix Black Screen

Step 1. Launch the Program and Connect Your iPad to Computer

To begin with, download the software on your computer and install it. Launch the program and a window will show up for you to select the fix mode.
Just select the "iOS System Recovery" in the primary window. Then connect your device to the computer via a USB cable. And click "Start" to begin.

Connect iPad

Step 2. Download the Latest Version of the Firmware

The latest version of the firmware is needed to fix your operation system. So the program will automatically recognize your device and offer you the firmware to download. Just follow the guide to download it.

Download Firmware

Step 3. Fix Your iPad to Normal

The download process will finish in a few seconds. Once it is done, the program will begin fixing the black screen lock of your iPad. The fixing process will also finish in a short time.

Fix iPad

The article above had showed you how to fix the iPad black screen, I am convinced that it will be very helpful. What is more, the software also can fix iPhone black screen of death. For further information, just download the software and have a try.

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Fix iPad Black Screen

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