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Fix iPad Won't Turn Off

How to Fix An iPad That Cannot Be Turned Off

Posted by Aimee , Oct 16, 2020

"My boyfriend was using a tablet at the time. Suddenly his iPad could not access any applications, and its screen seemed to be frozen. He tried to turn off the iOS device, but Siri and volume buttons could not turn off the power for him. Please help! "
Turning the iPad on and off is a very common behavior. Once they are abnormal, it can be frustrating. The focus of this article is on how to correct the problem that the iPad cannot be turned off. When the iPad refuses to shut down, you can choose to fix it yourself in this bad time. Seeking official Apple customer support can only be used as a last resort.

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iPad Won't Turn Off

1. Don't give up trying to turn off your iPad.
The iPad is unresponsive and cannot be turned off. The first thing you should try is to turn off the iOS device.
iPad with Home button:
- Long press the "Top" button until the power off slider appears.
- Drag the slider to turn off the iPad.
iPad with Face ID:
- Press and hold the "Volume" button and the "Top" button at the same time.
- Release the button when the power off slider appears.
- Drag the slider to turn off the device.
2. Force restart the iPad.
This situation where the iPad cannot be turned off. It may be that the iOS device is stuck or the screen is frozen, then forced restart is a good solution.
IPad with Home button:
- Press and hold the "Home" and "Top" buttons simultaneously.
- Release the button when the Apple logo appears on the screen.
IPad with Face ID:
- Press the "Volume Up" button and then release. The "Volume Down" button performs the same operation.
- Press and hold the "Power" button until the iPad restarts.
3. Bypass the broken button.
The "Home" button is damaged or does not work, but the iPad can still be used normally. To turn off the iPad, you can use the "AssistiveTouch" function.
- Find "General" in the "Settings" app.
- Click "Accessibility" and then go to "AssistiveTouch".
- Switch "AssistiveTouch" to "On".
- The AssistiveTouch button will appear on the screen. Click the "Device" icon on it.
- Press and hold "Lock Screen" to bring up the slider.
- Slide "Slide to power off" to turn off the iPad.


4. An iPad with a damaged screen may not be able to shut down.
The iPad is a very sophisticated device. Any damage may cause the equipment to fail to operate normally. If the screen is damaged, this is why the iPad cannot be turned off. Going to the Apple Store is the best choice.
5. Exit the problematic application.
If you find that the error is caused by a specific app, then you need to manually end the app.
- Double-click the "Home" button.
- In the multitasking bar, press and hold the icon of the target app.
- After the icon swings, tap "-" to close the application.
- Perform the shutdown operation for the iPad again.
6. Restore iPad via iTunes.
You can also use iTunes to repair the iPad that cannot be turned off. However, you need to make sure you have a backup file available.
- Update iTunes to the latest version, and then connect iPad to iTunes with a USB cable.
- Put the iPad in recovery mode. After iTunes detects the device, you can click the "Restore" button to restore the iPad.


7. Use the iOS system recovery tool to repair the iPad.
The main reason why iPad cannot be turned off is hardware failure or iOS system error. When you determine that the iPad is not in a hardware failure, there is a high probability that it can be repaired through RecoveryTool Fix Recovery. This is a professional iOS system repair tool that can help you fix this type of problem without losing data.
- Download and install the repair program, then you can launch it. Click "iOS System Recovery" to use the repair function.

iOS System Recovery

- Before clicking "Start", connect the iPad to the computer.


- After confirming the relevant information presented on the software interface, you can click the "Repair" button.
- Wait for the download of the firmware, and then the software can complete the repair operation for you.

iOS System Recovery Tool

8. Repair the iPad.
If you have tried various methods and the problem has not been solved effectively, it is necessary to use Apple repair service. For iPads under warranty, Apple may replace the device for you. If the iPad has passed the warranty period, then repairing the iPad will be charged. If you care more about the data on the iPad, you can retrieve them with the help of iTunes, iCloud or a data recovery program. Repairing the iPad is no longer a necessary option.

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Fix iPad Won't Turn Off

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