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Fix iTunes Error 3600

How to Quickly Fix iTunes Error 3600

Posted by Aimee , Oct 10, 2019

"My iPhone XS suddenly showed an iTunes error 3600, and the screen was stuck in 'Connect to iTunes'. I don't know how to solve this problem. I need help."
When you try to upgrade or downgrade iOS with iTunes, you may experience iTunes Error 3600 or other iTunes error codes. This is a terrible thing. The cause of this error may be a setup problem, a software issue, or a security software issue. If you are not familiar with how to troubleshoot these problems, it is likely to cause the device to brick or lose data. Here are some effective ways to resolve iTunes error 3600.

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Part 1: General solution to fix iTunes error 3600

Method 1. Check the network settings of the computer you are using
Ensure that the Internet connection is normal. If the network is not properly configured, you can fix this error code by solving the network connection problem.
Method 2. Keep the antivirus and firewall on your computer off
Anti-virus and firewall software can sometimes interfere with the normal use of iTunes. When an error code occurs, you can temporarily turn off the firewall and anti-virus software to fix the problem with these error codes.
Method 3. Try rebooting your iPhone and computer
In many cases, you only need to reboot your iPhone and computer to solve this problem. This is also a method that is easily overlooked by us.
Method 4. Update iTunes to the latest version
Comparing the old iTunes version may result in an iTunes error code 3600. Therefore, updating iTunes to the latest version on your computer is also a workaround.

iTunes Error 3600

Part 2: How to quickly fix iTunes error 3600

For iTunes error 3600, you can also fix it with RecoveryTool Fix Recovery, which is a more efficient method.
Step 1. Install the software and launch it. Then click on the "iOS System Recovery" option.

iOS System Recovery

Step 2. After connecting the iPhone to your computer with a USB cable, then click the "Start" button.


Step 3. Refer to the details on the back of the device to select the correct version and model on the software. Then click "Repair" to continue.

Fix iTunes

Step 4. After the installation package is downloaded completely, the software will begin to fix this error code. After the repair is done, your device will restart normally.

Fix iTunes Error 3600

Note: It is important to note that the connection between the device and the computer is interrupted.
All of the above methods can solve iTunes error code 3600, but they can't solve the error code caused by hardware problems.

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Fix iTunes Error 3600

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