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Fix Water Damaged iPhone

How to Fix a Water Damaged iPhone

Posted by Kate , Feb 18, 2017

Have you ever dropped your iPhone in water? It would lead to iPhone water damage! As a result, your iPhone would get some problem. For example, your iPhone will be unable to turn on, or it will turn off automatically. When you get your iPhone water damage unexpectedly, you should turn off your iPhone immediately and put it in raw rice for a few days to dry it.
Here is a useful tool for you to fix water damaged iPhone. iPhone Data Recovery is a powerful software that can help you recover data and files from iPhone. If you haven't got any backup files of your iPhone data, RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery will give you a hand to help get data back with scanning and previewing your iPhone. With this software, the problem can be solved easily.
Now download the following trial version to experience it!

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Part 1: How to Fix Water Damaged iPhone Directl

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and scan it

First of all, connect your iPhone to your computer and start iPhone Data Recovery software on the same computer. Your device will be detected automatically by the program. Select "Recover iOS Data" in "Recover" and the primary window will appear as shown below. Then click the button "Start Scan" to scan your iPhone's data.
Note: If you are a user of iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS, please choose the item "Advanced Mode" to scan your device.

Fix Water Damaged iPhone

Step 2. Preview and recover data from water damaged iPhone

After completing scanning, you can preview all the data and files as the picture below. Select the data you want to retain and then click "Recover" to restore them to the computer.
Note: Deleted data or lost data on the water damaged iPhone will be found by this tool as well. Yon can also choose which you like to recover.

How to Fix a Wet iPhone 5

Part 2: Fix water damaged iPhone from iTunes/iCloud Backup Files

Recover water damaged iPhone data from iTunes backup files

Step 1. Select "Recover from iTunes Backup Files" in "Recovery" after running iPhone Data Recovery.

Step 2. Your iTunes backup files will be shown on the screen. Then choose the device for yours and click "Start Scan".

iPhone in Water Fix

Step 3. When finishing scanning, you can preview all the found data and recover the files such as contacts, photos, videos, message, etc. you want to keep to your computer.

Recover the Files

Recover water damaged iPhone data from iCloud backup files

Step 1. Launch iPhone Data Recovery and choose "Recover from iCloud Backup File" mode.

Sign In iCloud

Step 2. Sign in your iCloud account. Then choose the backup for your iPhone and click "Download". The backup will be downloaded for minutes.

How to Fix Water Damaged iPhone

Step 3. After the download, you can scan to extract it. Then you can take a preview of the data and recover any data you'd like to restore from the backup to your computer.

Recover Data

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Fix Water Damaged iPhone

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