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How to Unjailbreak iPad

How to Remove Jailbreak from iPad

Posted by Kate , Nov 16, 2015

In many cases, Jailbreak is very funny and beneficial so many people would like to get their iPads jailbroken. However, people always jailbreak their iPads with some old tools which make it difficult to remove jailbreak. These old tools will make the iPad become unstable and abnormal. So what should we do if we want to delete jailbreak? The software RecoveryTool Fix Recovery can answer the question.
The software newly rolls out the feature "Repair", making it easy for users to fix the issues when the iOS device perform abnormally. It won't cause any data loss while repairing the operating system.

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Part 1: Remove Jailbreak from iPad with iTunes

Restoring from backup makes sure your iPhone is "unjailbroken" but all the old apps, music, photos and contacts remain intact. This is the best way to go if you have a lot of data on your iPhone that is not on iCloud or that you don't want to play around with.
Here is how to clean Jailbreak with iTunes backup
1. Open iTunes
2. Connect your iPhone to the PC or Mac
3. Enable the backup when prompted
4. From the left sidebar, pick your device in iTunes
5. Click on Restore and then select Backup
6. iTunes will now restore your device while making sure all the backed up data is back on your iPhone after the restore

Remove Jailbreak

Part 2: How to Remove Jailbreak from iPad Safely

Step 1. Choose the "iOS System Recovery" Feature

Firstly, check the main window of the Fix Recovery and click the tap "iOS System Recovery" on the window. Then have your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch connected to your computer with an USB cable.
After connecting the two devices, the software will detect your iOS device automatically, just click "Start" to continue.

Remove iPad Jailbreak

Step 2. Download the Suitable Firmware

The software will detect and recognize your iOS device automatically so as to offer you the latest iOS version to download. A suitable firmware for your iOS device is needed to fix the abnormal operating system, so just click "Repair" and wait.

Unjailbreak iOS

Step 3. Fix your iOS to Return it to Normal

Once the download is completed, the program will continue to repair your iOS. It can remove the jailbreak from your phone. What is more, it is also able to get your iOS device out of recovery mode and Apple logo looping.
Your device will restart to normal mode in a few minutes. The whole process takes you less than 10 minutes.

Repairing iPad

The software had showed you the way to unjailbreak iPad without data loss. Definitely it is very easy and effective. Actually, the software has other practical function. For example, it can help to recover deleted photos from iPhone. For more detailed information, just download iPhone Data Recovery and have a try.

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How to Unjailbreak iPad

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