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iPad Error 1671

How to Solve an Unknown Error 1671 Occurred on iPad

Posted by Kate , May 17, 2016

According to Apple's research, the application of some software which is created by third party will cause the fail connection process of iTunes to Apple's server or to Apple devices. In this case, many error codes appear and the most common one is the error 1671. Every error code 1671 appears because of the same problem, so iPad error 1671, iTunes error 1671 are the same. Since we have known what the problem is, then we come to the solution of it. So how to solve an unknown error 1671 occurred on iPad? Don't worry about that, we will tell you.
Note: This method can't fix hardware problem.

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Guide: How to Solve an Unknown Error 1671 Occurred on iPad

Step 1. Run the Program and Choose the Recovery Mode

Download the Fix Recovery and make it available on your computer. 
After entering the main interface of the software, find the "iOS System Recovery" and tap it. Then the program will detect your device automatically.
Recovery Mode

Step 2. Download the Latest Firmware

In this process, after detecting your device, the software will provide you with the latest and suitable firmware. You just need to click on the button to download it.

Latest Firmware

Step 3. Fix Your iOS to Normal

Once the download process finished, the program will start scanning and fixing your device. This process will take about 10 minutes, it is a little longer but just be patient and wait. Finally, your iPad operation system is normal again. 


Okay! The article above had show you the recovery process in detail, have you got the way on how to fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode? Except the error code we mentioned above, the software can also fix other error issues. For specific information, just download the software and have a try.

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iPad Error 1671

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