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iPad is Frozen

How to Fix: My iPad Keeps Freezing

Posted by Kate , Sep 18, 2017

It is normal for any devices to get stuck once in a while beside an iPad, then how can we deal with the frozen iPad? To solve the problem, we should learn about the causes first. If your iPad is frozen, it is mostly caused by malware or improper iOS update. Of course, there are also others causes like the device is too hot or you had changed the setting incorrectly. Once your iPad keeps freezing, don't be nervous, just read the passage and you can find the way to handle it.
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Part 1: Fix a Frozen iPad in Traditional Ways

Here are some options to resolve the issue:
1. Reboot the iPad
A simple reboot of the iPad is usually enough to cure the problem. This is a great way to flush the memory the iPad uses for active applications and an excellent way to shut down and apps that are causing problems. Not to worry, all of your data is saved. To reboot the iPad, simply hold down the Sleep/Wake button at the top of the iPad and the round Home button at the bottom.
2. Delete the offending app
Does a single app cause your iPad to freeze? If you reboot the iPad and still have the problem when launching the app or when the app is running, it might be best to reinstall the app.
3. Restore Your iPad to Factory Default
If you are still having problems with frequent freezes, it might be best to restore your iPad to factory default settings and then restore your apps from a backup by syncing with iTunes. This will cause the iPad to completely flush all available memory and storage and start fresh.

Part 2: How to Fix Frozen iPad

Step 1. Choose the "iOS System Recovery" Mode

To start with, download the software and run it on your computer. Then open the "iOS System Recovery" tab on the main interface of the software. After that, connect your iPad to computer with an USB cable and just click the "Start" button.

iOS System Recovery

Step 2. Download the Latest Firmware

Only with the right firmware, your frozen iPad can be fixed. After connection, the program will automatically detect your device and then provide you the best version of firmware. Just click the "Repair" and download it.


Step 3. Fix Your iOS to Normal

Once the firmware is downloaded, it can quickly begin to work on your device and begin to unfreezing your iPad. The whole process takes you about 10 minutes to repair it so just be patient and wait.

Repairing iOS to normal

Okay! Do you know how to fix your frozen iPad to normal now? I am convinced that Fix Recovery is the easiest and quickest way to help you resolve the issue, so just download the program and have a try.

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iPad is Frozen

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