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iPhone Endless Reboot Loop

How to Solve iPhone Endless Reboot Loop

Posted by Aimee , Jun 06, 2017

Recently, we are getting too many queries that iPhone, iPad are stuck in boot screen after iOS update. Someone just asked "My iOS device is stuck on a boot loop/Apple Logo. Please help". So I decide to write a new post on this issue.
This is an unfortunate but common problem which can happen to any idevices for all kinds of reasons. In this article, your worry for endless reboot loop can end up here. Now please take a short time to go through the below tutorials to fix such problem.

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Part 1: Fix Boot Loop by resetting your device

In most cases, iPhone reboot loop can be solved by resetting your iPhone. First of all, you can reboot your device into recovery mode. Doing that would link your device directly with your iTunes account and then you can restore a fresh iOS version to your iPhone and recover all the iTunes data, too. The detailed steps are shown as below:
- Once stuck on Apple logo, turn off your iPhone.
- Connect your iPhone to your PC, then keep pressing and holding the home button until your iPhone goes past the Apple logo.
- When you enter the recovery mode, you'll see your iPhone's icon appears on your PC and there is one option for you to reset your device. Just tap on the "Restore iPhone" icon.

Part 2: Fix Errors for getting out of Recovery Mode using Fix Recovery

There are not many reasons for an iPhone to get stuck in recovery mode. It can be a hardware issue or a software issue. To get out of recovery mode, you just need RecoveryTool Fix Recovery, which will solve your iPhone endless boot loop without any hassles. Read on to find out how to use it.

Step 1: To begin with, please download and install Fix Recovery on your PC.

Step 2: After installation, connect your iPhone to your PC via USB. Then run this program.

Step 3: Now you'll find the option of "iOS System Recovery" as the below pictures shows. Tap on it and you will reach the following window.

iPhone Boot Loop

Step 4: Just click "Start" button to begin the process.

iPhone Reboot Loop

Step 5: When Fix Recovery detects your iPhone, confirm it and download the firmware. After the download is OK, this program will continue to get out of recovery mode.

iPhone Restart Loop

See? to some extent, both fixing endless reboot loop and getting out of recovery mode are not that difficult as long as you find the right methods. Have a try by yourself.
We would like to hear from you with any questions, any opinions, which you might have!

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iPhone Endless Reboot Loop

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