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iPhone Home Button Not Working

How to Quickly Fix iPhone Home Button Not Working

Posted by RecoveryTool , Apr 08, 2022

"My iPhone home button is not working... The phone doesn't respond when I press the home button on my iPhone 8. Although I can feel a click when I press the home button, the phone doesn't go back to the home page. And Touch ID, volume up, volume down, and side buttons on the iPhone are still available. I don't know what happened."
Early iPhones relied on a home button to access the home screen. When the home button has a software or hardware failure, the iPhone's home button becomes unresponsive. If you happen to encounter such a situation, you don't have to worry too much because you are not alone in this problem. In this user guide, RecoveryTool will provide some hints to help you fix the home button not working problem on your phone. Then you can repair your iPhone by yourself without having to seek the help of a technician in the first place.

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Part 1: Which iPhone Models have the Home button Not Working

There are many iPhone models, but not all iPhones have a physical home button. So this issue is all happening on iPhones with a physical home button. According to the feedback of iOS users, the following models are the most reported that the home button does not work.
iPhone 4s
iPhone 6
iPhone 6s
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 plus
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 plus
iPhone SE
iPhone XR

iPhone 8 Home Button Not Working

Part 2: 3 Quick Tips to Fix iPhone Home Button Not Working

Before you go to the Apple store or repair shop in a panic, you might as well try the following:

1. Clean the home button on your iPhone

Any foreign matter such as grease, sweat, moisture, or dust may make the home button unresponsive.
- Turn off your iPhone.
- Put about two drops of 99% pure isopropyl alcohol on the home button.
- Then, use a cotton swab to wipe and remove any foreign objects from the physical buttons.
- Turn the device back on after 15 minutes of inactivity.
- Check to see if the problem is resolved.

2. Make the home button more responsive

The iPhone home button may be invalid because its sensitivity is not enough, so when you increase the button's sensitivity, the problem will be solved.
- Run any app on your iPhone.
- Then, long-press the "Sleep/Wake" button until the shutdown slider appears.
- Next, press the "Home" button until this one slide disappears.
- Finally, you can check if the homepage is available again.

3. Adjusting the iPhone's Connector

This method requires you to apply appropriate pressure at the home button location for the cable inside the home button to reconnect. Excessive force can damage the Lightning or 30-pin connector inside the charging port. Even more serious is that their damage will make the equipment scrapped. Therefore, RecoveryTool does not recommend that you try this method lightly.
- Plug your USB cable into your iPhone's charging port.
- Give an upward push on the USB cable connector and press the home button lightly at the same time.
- When you're done, you can recheck that the home button is available again.

Part 3: Another Worthwhile Solution to Fix the iPhone Home Button not Responding

A soft bug in the iOS system or app may also cause the home button not to work. This is also not negligible. However, it is more difficult to troubleshoot one by one. At this time, you can use RecoveryTool Fix Recovery, which is a tool dedicated to repairing iOS soft faults. And it can help you without you having any expertise.
1. Download and install this iOS system repair tool on your Windows or Mac.
2. Connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable, and then you can start running the program.
3. On the software interface, select the "iOS System Recovery" function and click the "Start" button.

Fix the iPhone Home Button not Responding

4. The next software interface will display your device information and then confirm the firmware package.
5. Finally, click the "Repair" button to download and repair the firmware.

Fix iPhone Home Button Not Working

Part 4: Enable iPhone AssistiveTouch to use iPhone without the Home button

If none of the above methods works, you can keep using your iPhone without the home button. But this is a temporary solution.
- Go to the "Settings" app and pull down to find the "Accessibility" item.
- Then, you can find the "Touch" item under the "Physical and Motor" section.
- Then, switch "AssistiveTouch" to ON.
- You will see a white circle on the phone screen. When you need to use the home button, click it.

Part 5: Go to an Apple Repair Store to Repair iPhone with Broken Home Button or Hardware Failure

It's likely a hardware-related failure when you've made multiple attempts and all failed. Do-it-yourself repairs may sound like a money-saving solution, but it requires you to have professional tools and solid repair knowledge, or it can be a bad idea. So going to an Apple store or an Apple repair shop and having their experts repair your device for you can be a more reliable option.

Apple Repair Store to Repair iPhone

It's very frustrating that the iPhone home button stops working. However, RecoveryTool has given you as many possible options as possible. If it is a soft failure, RecoveryTool Fix Recovery can fix this problem very effectively. Other than that you need to try them one by one.

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iPhone Home Button Not Working

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