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How to Retrieve Deleted iMessages on iPhone

Posted by RecoveryTool , Mar 23, 2022

"I accidentally deleted old conversations from iMessages. And I didn't back up my phone. Can I still restore these deleted iMessages?"
You may occasionally delete or clear your iMessages chat history on your iPhone. In addition, you may also set the timing to delete these data in Messages. This helps free up more space on your iPhone. However, it won't be enjoyable if you delete some very important iMessages. With luck, you still have a chance to get them back. If you are unlucky, you may lose this vital content forever. RecoveryTool has in-depth research on this problem and summarized the following practical methods. You can do this before they are permanently deleted.

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Part 1: What is the difference between iMessage and text message

Apple users can send either iMessage or regular text messages in the Messages app. Therefore, many users will confuse iMessage and text messages. When you restore the data, you want to make sure you have not obfuscated them. Because the restore methods available to them vary depending on the type of file being restored. Then the following is the difference between the two.
1. iMessages appear as blue bubbles on iPhone, while text messages appear as green bubbles.
2. iMessage is an instant messaging service developed by Apple for iOS, macOS, watchOS, etc. SMS is the text message service component of most mobile phones or mobile devices.
3. The receiving and sending of iMessage requires Wi-Fi or cellular data, and it is free. The difference is that the text message needs to be received by a cell tower near the sender and then transferred to another tower near the receiver for transmission, which is not necessarily free. It depends on your cell phone contract.
4. iMessage is only available for Apple devices. And SMS does not specify the device used.

iPhone iMessage Recovery

Part 2: How to recover deleted iMessages without backup

If you haven't done any backup with iCloud or iTunes, you can't restore deleted iMessages from the backup file. And the only practical way to get back your old iMessages without a backup file is to use data recovery software. And RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery is the industry's leading data recovery provider, which can find and extract these lost iMessages for you deep into the memory space of your iOS device. Once your iMessages are deleted or lost by mistake, you must stop using your phone immediately to avoid data overwriting.
1. Download and install this iOS recovery tool on your computer.
2. After running this program, you need to select "iPhone Data Recovery" from the three functions provided by the software interface. Then select the "Recover from iOS Device" item.

Recover deleted iMessages without backup

3. After connecting your iPhone with a USB cable, select the file type you want to retrieve. Next, it would help if you ticked "Messages".

Retrieve Deleted iMessages on iPhone

4. Click "Start Scan" to scan your iMessages. After the scan is complete, all data will be displayed by category.
5. You can select the "Messages" item to view only text messages and iMessages. If you find the data you want to undelete, you can tick it and click "Recover" to restore it.

Part 3: How to find iMessages you just deleted

If iCloud sync is enabled and your iPhone system is after iOS 11.4, you may try this to find iMessages that have just been deleted.
1. Tap the Settings app on your iPhone.
2. After going to "Apple ID", click the "iCloud" item.
3. Toggle Messages sync to off, then click "Disable and Download Messages".
4. The iMessages that have just been deleted will be downloaded to your iPhone. Afterward, you can find those iMessages you just deleted back on your iPhone.

Part 4: How to restore iMessages from iCloud

Since iOS 11.4, iMessages data can be synced to iCloud and accessed on other devices. If you're restoring old iMessages, you can restore them to your phone via an iCloud backup.
1. Go to "General" from "Settings" on iPhone.
2. Click the "Reset" item directly, and click "Erase all contents and settings" on it
3. After the iPhone data is wiped, the device will restart. You need to set it up.
4. Follow the prompts to set up your phone. Select "Restore from iCloud backup" when the "Apps & Data" option pops up.
5. After filling in your account and password, you can choose one of the many backup files to restore.
Note: This method will replace the original data on the iPhone. If you wish to avoid this, you can selectively undo iMessages with some iPhone data extractors.

Part 5: Restore old iMessages via iTunes backup file

Another official Apple program for retrieving iMessages is iTunes if you have made iTunes backups. Although you can't view deleted iMessages directly, it doesn't affect you to restore deleted data to iPhone via iTunes.
1. Open iTunes and upgrade it to the latest version.
2. After the iPhone is connected to the computer, click the iPhone icon on the iTunes interface.
3. Next, click the "Summary" item.
4. Then, tap the "Restore Backup" button. If you have "Find My iPhone" enabled, you will also need to turn it off before doing this.
5. Press the "Restore" button to get the old iMessages you want.
Note: iTunes does not allow to preview backup files, so it cannot be 100% sure that this backup contains the deleted conversations of the iMessages you want to restore. Therefore, knowing what is contained in your backup file before restoring data is necessary. This avoids wasting time and other data loss.

Part 6: Contact your carrier to get back deleted iMessages

Some people may want to ask, can I get my data back through the iMessage service provider? The answer is no. Although iMessages and their attachments are automatically uploaded to Apple's servers, iMessages are designed to be encrypted end-to-end so that no one can access them except the sender and receiver. Therefore, contacting the carrier is impossible to recover deleted iMessages. Instead, contacting the sender or receiver may have an opportunity to retrieve the lost data.

The above methods have let you know how to recover deleted iMessages. If you want to choose the best solution, then RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery is the best choice. It can save you most of the trouble and quickly solve the problem of lost iMessages for you.

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