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How to Recover Deleted Pictures from iPhone

Posted by Aimee , Dec 26, 2020

"My wife and I took a lot of photos during our honeymoon trip a few weeks ago. Every day we upload pictures from our phone to iCloud, and then delete the photos on the phone. Yesterday, when we showed the photos to our family, we found some pictures are missing. How to retrieve them without iCloud or Mac backup files? "
Photos on the iPhone disappeared for no reason? All the pictures were erased when clearing the storage space of the iPhone? How to browse recently deleted images on iPhone? For all these problems, you can find the corresponding solutions in this user guide.

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Part 1: Find recently deleted photos on iPhone

Where will the deleted picture be? In fact, these deleted photos will be kept for 30 days in the recently deleted album. So it is not difficult to restore them.
1. After clicking "Photos", then tap "Albums".
2. Scroll down to find "Other Albums" and tap "Recently Deleted".
3. Images deleted within 30 days will be saved here. Select the target photos and click "Recover" to undelete them to "Photo Library".

Recently Deleted Photos

For those pictures that are lost or permanently deleted, you need to restore them from the backup file.

Part 2: Retrieve pictures from iCloud backup data

Many users are accustomed to using iCloud to back up data on the iPhone. Once data is lost, they can try to extract data from iCloud.

1. Recover photos from iCloud

- Use a browser to visit icloud.com and log in to your account.
- Tap "Settings" and go to "Restore Files".
- Tap "iCloud", and then click "iCloud Backup".
- After selecting the image to be restored, click "Restore Files" to undo the deletion of the image.


2. A better way to extract pictures from iCloud

RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery can preview all file types in iCloud backup files and retrieve them selectively. This iPhone recovery tool is suitable for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
- Install the iOS data recovery software on the PC, and then click the "iPhone Data Recovery" function.
- Select "Recover from iCloud Backup File". After logging in to your iCloud account, all available iCloud backup files will be listed in the program interface.

Recover from iCloud Backup File

- Select one of the available backup files and click "Download".
- After downloading the iCloud backup file online, click the "Camera Roll", "Photo Library" and "App Photos" items. Tap "Next" to scan for lost data.

Camera Roll

- You can preview the disappeared photos on the software. Check the images you want to recover, and then click "Recover" to get them back.

Images You Want To Recover

Part 3: Retrieve photos from iTunes backup files

If you are lucky to find the most recent backup from iTunes, then you can rescue the lost pictures from this backup file. This method is suitable for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

1. Recover lost photos on iPhone via iTunes

- Update iTunes to the latest version on the computer, and then launch it.
- Connect the iPhone to the computer via a USB cable.
- Find the iPhone icon on the software interface of iTunes and click it.
- Tap "Summary", then tap "Restore Backup..." to restore the backup data to the iPhone.
Tip: All data on the iPhone will be erased and replaced by the iTunes backup file.


2. Extract lost pictures from iTunes backup files without wiping any data

RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery allows people to browse and selectively extract pictures, contacts, notes, and others from iTunes backup files. The deleted photos can be retrieved in a few simple steps and other content on the iPhone will not be erased.
- Install the iOS data recovery software on the computer.
- Click the "Recover from iTunes Backup File" function.
- The program will automatically search for available iTunes backup files. Select the target backup file and click the "Start" button.

Recover from iTunes Backup File

- You will be able to preview all scanned files on the software interface. To preview the image, click on the "Photo Library" and "Camera Roll" items.
- Tick the photos you want to recover, and then click the "Recover" button to extract them.


Part 4: Restore pictures directly from iPhone without backup

If you have never done a backup, then RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery is the reliable data rescuer you need, and its "Recover from iOS Device" function can help you get photos back directly from your iPhone.

Why is the third-party iOS recovery software on RecoveryTool necessary?

* Data can be retrieved with or without backup.
* Support the preview of the files to be recovered.
* Selectively recover different file types, such as pictures, text messages, contacts, iMessages.
* Suitable for all iOS devices.
How to restore photos directly on the iPhone?

- Install this picture recovery program on PC or Mac. After running it, connect the iPhone to the computer.
- Tap the "Recover from iOS Device" mode. Click "Start Scan" and wait for the software to detect your iOS device.

Recover from iOS Device

- Preview and tick the images to be retrieved, and then click the "Recover" button to undelete them.


If your iPhone has an echo, poor reception, or other abnormal conditions, then you can refer to related articles on RecoveryTool to fix it.

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