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iPhone Software Update Failed

How To Fix iPhone/iPad Software Update Failed Error

Posted by Aimee , Jun 26, 2019

As long as the latest version of iOS released, many iPhone users are eager to download it to access the new and advanced features and to keep their device healthy. But unfortunately, sometimes you may fail. Do not worry, this post shares many good methods to fix such iPhone update failures and lets you upgrade your device to the latest iOS smoothly.

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Part 1: 4 Solutions to fix iPhone/iPad Software Update Failed Error

Solution 1: Restart iPhone/iPad and try again. The moment you see the iOS software update(like iOS 12) failed error message on the screen, just hit Close, then turn off your device as you usually do. 10 minutes later, press the Power button again and wait for the Apple logo to appear. You will then be directed to your lock screen. Just unlock your device and try updating the firmware again.
Solution 2: Check network status and wait for a while, follow some simple steps below:
- Start by checking your router and make sure it is turned on and working properly. Then switch off your router for around 10-15 minutes and wait.
- Now turn on the router and connect to Wi-Fi on your iPad/iPhone.
- Once your iPhone is connected successfully, go to "Settings" >"General" >"Software Update" and try installing the new firmware once again.
Solution 3: Update iPhone/iPad with iTunes.
Step 1: First and foremost, download the latest iTunes on your PC.
Step 2: Then connect your device to your PC via USB and wait until iTunes recognizes it.
Step 3: Now tap on Summary from the interface. After that, select Check for update.
Step 4: Finally hit Update when you are prompted that there is an update available. Please make sure not to disconnect your device during the process.
Solution 4: Download the firmware manually. The whole process would take some minutes so please be patient.
- Firstly, download the firmware on your PC. Please remember downloading the most suitable file for your iPhone/iPad only depending on its model and type. You can download the IPSW file for every device model on this link.
- Now attach your iPhone/iPad to the computer with USB and wait for iTunes to recognize it. Once completed,  you need to hit the "Summary" option in iTunes and move on.
- Last please carefully press "Shift" (for Windows) or "Option" (for Mac) and hit "Restore iPad/iPhone" tab.

Part 2: Fix iPhone/iPad Software Update Failed Error without losing data

If you consider the above 4 solutions are too complex, maybe you should try another one in this part. That is, RecoveryTool Fix Recovery, which can immediately diagnose the problem and fix it without any data loss. So what are you waiting for? Come on, follow my path.
Step 1: Download, launch and run the software. Choose "iOS System Recovery" from the main menu.


Step 2: Next, connect your device to the PC via USB cable.


Step 3: Now the program will identify your iOS device and iOS version and detect the latest firmware automatically. Simply hit Repair. Then the download will be started.


Step 4: Once the download is OK, the program will start scanning your device automatically. All you need to do is sit and wait a message pops up showing that repair of the operating system is completed.

Fix iPhone Software Update Error

Just choose one of them to solve your problem, they are worth a try.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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iPhone Software Update Failed

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