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iPhone Stuck in DFU Mode

How to Recover iPhone Stuck in DFU Mode

Posted by Kate , Sep 19, 2016

Did you have the experience that troubled by an iPhone stuck in DFU mode? If yes, I am sure that you all had the same feeling, that was annoying but could do nothing. An iPhone may be stuck in DFU mode because of hard drop and physical damage, in which case you must replace some of the broken parts. But what if your DFU iPhone is caused by some software problems, for example, iOS software malfunctioning. Is it possible get rid of DFU mode? Luckily, the answer is definitely yes and Fix Recovery can do that for you.

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Part 1: The Reason Your iPhone Trapped in DFU

If iTunes shows error message during a restore or update, it is necessary to use the DFU mode. Most times, if a restore did not work in classic mode recovery, will work in DFU mode. After more attempts, your iPhone could stay stuck in recovery mode. Let`s see the situations when the iPhone device is stuck in the recovery mode.
1. Spraying with water or drop in any fluid will basically harm your iPhone.
2. Your iPhone has suffered a high fall on the floor and some modules are affected.
3. You have removed the screen, the battery or any unauthorized disassembly produces shocks.
4. Using non-Apple chargers could cause failure of the U2 chip that controls the charging logic. The chip is very exposed to the fluctuations of voltage from non-Apple chargers.
5. Even if you do not see at first glance, damages of the USB cable are extremely common grounds for an iPhone stuck in recovery mode.

Part 2: How to Recover iPhone Stuck in DFU Mode

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer

First of all, make sure that your iPhone or another iOS device is connected to your computer successfully through the USB cable.

Step 2. Launch the Program and Choose iOS System Recovery

Download and install the program on your computer and then launch the program. You will see several tools for you to choose, to recover iPhone stuck in DFU mode. Let's just click the "iOS System Recovery".

iPhone Stuck in DFU Mode

Step 3. Download the Latest Firmware

The latest version of the firmware is needed to fix the DFU mode. The program will detect your device and provide you with the suitable one, just follow the advice and download it.

iOS System Recovery

Download the Firmware

Step 4. Recover iPhone in DFU Mode

After the downloading, the latest version of the software will automatically check your device and then fix the broken operation system. Just be patient and wait for a few minutes, your iPhone will become normal.

iPhone DFU Tool

The passage had showed you how to get your stuck iPhone out of DFU mode. It is really an effective and easy way. What is more, the program can also fix your iPhone no matter it is in a recovery mode or others, just download the program and have a try.

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iPhone Stuck in DFU Mode

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