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iPod Touch Stuck in Recovery Mode

How to Fix an iPod Touch Stuck In Recovery Mode

Posted by Aimee , Nov 10, 2017

Many iPod users had the same experience that their iPod touch stuck in recovery mode when they are trying to update the iOS system. It is not a common but complicated problem. It is not easy to get out of the recovery mode. Even worse, some operations trying to fix the device may result in data loss. So it is very important to develop an effective and safe way to get iPod touch out of recovery mode.
Therefore, we are going to show you two convenient ways to fix your iPod touch.

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Part 1. Simple Way to Get out of Recovery Mode

An easy way to get iPod out of recovery mode is to restart the device.
1.Press the "Home" and "Power" buttons at the same times for about 10 seconds. Then release the buttons to turn off the device.
2.Press the "Home" and "Power" buttons again until you see the Apple logo.
3.Release "Power" button first and then the "Home" button after 20 seconds.
Simply by turning off and restarting the device, you may get your device out of recovery mode. However, it won't always work. So we will recommend you another way.

Part 2. Best Way to Get out of Recovery Mode

Here we recommend you a professional iOS recovery tool, RecoveryTool Fix Recovery. It can fix your iPod to normal no matter what the problem is.

Step 1. Download the Software and Select the Recovery Mode

Download the software on your computer first. Then launch the program. The program will provide you several recovery modes. Here let's choose the "iOS System Recovery" and click "Start" to go on.

Recovery Mode

Step 2. Download the Latest Firmware

The program will then detect your device and recommend you the suitable version to download. It is necessary if you want to fix your device, so just follow the advice to download it.

iPod Stuck in Recovery Mode

Step 3. Fix Your iPod touch to Normal

After downloading the software, the program will automatically scan your device and begin to fix the system. Once the fixing process is over, you can see a note saying that "Repair of the operating system is complete."


The passage above had told you how to get your iPod touch out of recovery mode easily. For more details of the software or more information of how to fix a corrupt system, just download it and have a try.

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iPod Touch Stuck in Recovery Mode

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