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iTunes Error 11

How do I Fix iTunes Error 11 on my iPhone

Posted by Aimee , Dec 21, 2018

"Help! While trying to update my iPhone to iOS 12, it crashed and I got the error message 11. How can I fix such an error?"
Well, iTunes error 11 often occurs when you try to restore your device and like most other iTunes errors, it will display a message in iTunes saying that an unknown error occurred and iPhone could not be restored. So when you meet this annoying problem, what should you do?
Here in this post, we'll focus on how to fix iTunes error 11 and provide you with a better solution that can help.

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Part 1: What causes iTunes error 11

- An outdated antivirus program that comes with an even more backdated firewall program blocks the ports required by iTunes to communicate with the Apple servers.
- There is a problem with the USB cable you are using.
- You are using an outdated version of iTunes or the firmware you have downloaded is corrupt on incompatible.
- The iOS device has a faulty connector port that can't establish communication unless the connection is in a certain angle.

Part 2: The best way to fix your iTunes error 11 problem

Whatever the reason may be, iTunes unknown error 11 will bring some troubles. It's time to take more drastic measures and employ a third-party tool to help you fix your iPhone. That is, RecoveryTool Fix Recovery. Just follow the very simple steps to fix error 11.
Step 1: Download, install and launch the program on your PC. Click on "iOS System Recovery" from the interface. Then connect your iPhone to your PC with a good USB cable and tap on "Start" to go on.


iTunes Error 11

Step 2: Now download the latest firmware to your device so that the software can begin fixing the problem. Click "Repair" and wait a few minutes for the firmware to be downloaded.


Step 3: As long as the download is done, the software will then proceed to repair your iPhone, which may take no more than 10 minutes. And later, your iPhone will be restarted in normal mode immediately.

Fix Error 11

See, quite simple, isn't it? Trust us, it's always worth trying it out.

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iTunes Error 11

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