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iTunes Error 27

How To Fix iPhone Error 27 or iTunes Error 27

Posted by Aimee , Oct 19, 2018

Have you ever face with such problem: you're trying to restore your iPhone and suddenly, you're being shown an iTunes error 27 message. You try to look it up online, but iTunes claims this is an unknown error. Sometimes iTunes error 27 may pop up as a result of some hardware issues that need sorting out. Even though, it can be fixed in a multitude of ways. So read on below to find out how to fix iTunes error 27.

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Part 1: Fix iTunes error 27 with 4 common methods

Method 1: Upgrade iTunes to the latest version and then try it again.
Method 2: Check your PC's security software, you can temporarily shut it down, then try iTunes again.
Method 3: Reboot your iDevice. Just press and hold the Home and Sleep button both for 10s.
Method 4: Put your device into Recovery mode as the official recommend to do. After it, backup and restore the data.

Part 2: Fix iPhone error 27 without losing data

If you want a simple and fast solution to restore iPhone error 27, then RecoveryTool Fix Recovery could be your ideal tool, as it can ensure there won’t be any data loss. Follow the guidance below please.

Step 1: Select “Repair"

First of all, please download and launch this software. Then select "iOS System Recovery".
Following this, please make sure that you've connected your iPhone to your PC with USB cable. Tap on "Start".



Step 2: Download the firmware

To fix the error 27, you need to download the firmware first. Then the software will automatically recognize your device and model, and offer the latest version for download. That is to say, what you need to do is just tap on "Repair".

Error 27

Step 3: Start to fix iOS

Now the software will repair your iOS and get it out of recovery mode. During this process, please remember not to disconnect your device. After a few minutes, your iPhone will be restarting normally.

Fix iPhone Error 27

As you can see, the whole process would take no more than 10 minutes, the error 27 is gone and you can now continue using your iPhone.

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iTunes Error 27

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