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iTunes Error Code 39

Solutions to Fix iTunes Error 39

Posted by Aimee , Oct 26, 2018

"While I'm deleting my photos from iPhone, suddenly the process is stopped and a message pops up, saying iPhone could not be synced. An unknown error occurred. What should I do? Can anyone can help? Thanks!"
Well, this error is usually a sync-related issue when you try to sync your iDevice to your PC or Mac. To solve such a  problem, I have sorted out some methods for your reference.

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Part 1: Common ways to fix iTunes error 39

Method 1: Check your version of iTunes. Please download the latest version of iTunes for Windows or Mac at apple.com/itunes/download/. If it already did, try disabling or uninstalling any web accelerator software. Once disabled or uninstalled, restart it.
Method 2: Take a look inside your photos. Generally, when you use iTunes to sync photos, some iPod photo cache and Apple TV photo cache also occur. These folders store photos that are optimized for your iPhone.

Part 2: Fix iTunes error 39 without losing data

Comparing to the above 2 solutions, I prefer to solve error 39 with the help of RecoveryTool Fix Recovery. As its name implies, this program is contributed to solving all kinds of system problems. Here is how it works.

Step 1: Run the software

First of all, please download and install the software on your PC, then run it. Click on "iOS System Recovery" and open an array of features.


Step 2: Initiate System Recovery

When you see the new interface, just tap on "Start" option as illustrated below.

iTunes Error 39

Step 3: Download Firmware

To fix error 39, you're required to download the latest firmware for your device. Click on the "Repair" button to initiate the download process.

iTunes Error Code 39

Step 4: Fix iPhone and iTunes Error 39

Once the download is done, the software will repair your device automatically, which may take you about 10 minutes. During the process, your iPhone will restart automatically, so please make sure that your device is well connected to your PC.

Step 5: Repair Successful

When the repairing is done, an onscreen notification will be displayed. Now you just need to wait for your iPhone to boot and unplug it from your PC.


Congratulations! You've removed the iTunes error 39 from your device. Now you can delete and sync all your precious pictures without any difficulties and worries at all. Come on and have a try dear!

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iTunes Error Code 39

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