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Restore Deleted Safari Bookmarks on iPhone

How to Recover Deleted Safari Bookmarks on iPhone

Posted by Aimee , Mar 11, 2022

"All bookmarks and favorites on iPhone are gone from Safari. Why are they lost? I'm confused about that. I don't have them linked to iCloud, even though there is not much storage left on the device. Is there any way to recover deleted Safari bookmarks on iPhone? Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated."
iPhone and iPad users get used to browsing various websites using Safari, the pre-installed web browser on iOS devices, so many iOS users create bookmarks in the process. The unexpected situation is the loss of favorite bookmarks on Safari. This is also a problem that many Apple users have complained about in the community or forums. The disappearance or loss of Safari bookmarks may be due to accidental deletion, system crash, synchronization error, or virus attack. And if you want to get back these deleted bookmarks from iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices, you need to resort to some reliable methods. In this article, RecoveryTool will explore how to retrieve accidentally deleted Safari bookmarks.

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The easiest trick to restore Safari bookmarks on iPhone

Powerful data recovery software can quickly help you get back data from your iPhone. And RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery, used by millions of people, is the best choice. Because many mobile phone users have used this software to undelete their bookmarks on Safari. So you can rely on it and use it.
1. Download the iOS Data Recovery Tool from RecoveryTool. Then install it on your computer.
2. After installing the program, connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable. Then select the "iPhone Data Recovery" function on the software interface.

iPhone Data Recovery

3. Next, you can choose "Recover from iOS Device" from three recovery modes. This mode can help you undo data directly from your iPhone.

Recover from iOS Device

4. After clicking the "Start Scan" button, the recovery program will scan your phone.
5. Once the scan is complete, click on the "Safari Bookmark" item on the left side of the software's main interface. You can then browse the scanned Safari bookmarks on the right side of the interface, which contains the specific title and URL of the webpage. Check the bookmarks you want to restore and tap the "Recover" button to restore them.

Restore Safari Bookmarks on iPhone

If you cannot recover your files from iPhone, you can also try to extract the Safari bookmarks you need from iTunes or iCloud through this iPhone recovery software.

Restore Safari Favorites from iCloud backup

If you have been using the iCloud backup feature, all your data on your iPhone will be regularly backed up to this cloud storage and cloud computing service. Therefore, there is a high probability that the removed Safari bookmarks can be retrieved.
1. Click "General" in "Settings", and then click the "Reset" item.
2. After clicking "Erase all content and settings", click "Restore from iCloud Backup".
3. Then log in to your iCloud account.
4. Finally, select a backup file that contains the Safari favorites you need to restore.
Note: When performing a restore operation, this backup file will overwrite other data on your iOS device. So a better way is to selectively extract data from iCloud backup through RecoveryTool's data recovery program to avoid overwriting other essential files.

Recover Safari Bookmarks from iTunes backup files

If you have iTunes backup files, you can also restore your iPhone bookmarks from those backups. It should be noted that this method may replace the existing data on your iPhone and cause data loss. Therefore, you need to choose carefully.
1. Connect your iPhone to your usual computer and double-click the iTunes icon on the computer to run it.
2. Tap "Trust the Computer" on the iPhone screen.
3. Then, find the "Restore Backup" item in the "Summary" tab on the iTunes interface.
4. Follow the prompts to restore Safari bookmarks to your iPhone.

Overall, RecoveryTool's recovery program can selectively recover deleted Safari bookmarks from your iPhone, iTunes backup files, or iCloud backup files. Conversely, restoring data directly from an iTunes or iCloud backup file runs the risk of overwritten data. So it would help if you chose according to the actual situation.

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Restore Deleted Safari Bookmarks on iPhone

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