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Restore Contacts from iTunes Backup

How to Restore Contacts from iTunes

Posted by Kate , Aug 19, 2019

Nowadays iTunes is really a very convenient tool for iPhone users to back up their iPhone files. Users are allowed to recover deleted contacts from iCloud or iTunes backup so that there is no need for them to worry about the problem of data loss.
Take the Contacts on the phone as an example. Contacts are the most important file on the phone so it is very significant to backup contacts to iTunes. When accidentally delete contacts, contacts in iTunes are in need. However, many users don't know how to download and restore contacts from iTunes at all. In this case, the special software is useful.
RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery is specially designed to deal with the problem of losing data. It can help to recover all the lost data including lost contacts through iTunes. So far, iPhone, iPad Pro and iPod touch are all supported by the software.

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Part 1: How to Export Your Contacts List From iTunes

1. Connect the iPhone to your computer using the supplied USB cord.
2. Launch iTunes.
3. Click the "iPhone" icon on the left side of the screen to make it active.
4. Click the "Info" tab and place a check mark beside "Sync Contacts With." Change "All Contacts" to "Selected Groups" to choose individual contacts instead of the entire list, if desired.
5. Click the drop-down menu to select "Windows Contacts" and click "Apply".
6. Minimize iTunes, click "Start," and then click your username.
7. Locate the "Contacts" folder and double-click to open it.
8. Click the "Arrow" directly to the right of the "Share With" button and select "Export".
9. Click to highlight "CSV (Comma Separated Values)" and then click "Export".
10. Enter a save location for the contacts and click "Next" to continue.
11. Choose the fields you wish to keep, such as "First Name", "Middle Name" or "Home City". Click "Finish" to confirm and "OK" when prompted.
12. Launch Excel. Click "File" and "Open". Change the file format from "All Excel Files" to either "Text Files" or "All Files". If you neglect to do this, Excel will not display the CSV file you exported earlier.
13. Browse to the location of the CSV file and click "Open". All of your contacts should open as a spreadsheet.
14. Click "File" and "Print".

Restore Contacts

Part 2: How to Recover Lost Contacts from iTunes

Step 1. Download the Software and Run the Program

Firstly, you need to download the software on your computer and then run the program to make sure the success of the following process.

Step 2. Log in the iTunes and Scan the Backup Files

Select "Recover" and click "Recover iOS Data" on the bottom of the interface and then log in the iTunes with your account and password.
Then there will be a list of backup files displayed, just choose the one for your iPhone and start scanning.

Restore Contacts from iTunes

Step 3. Preview and Restore Contacts from iTunes Backup

After a few minutes, the scan is finish and the results will be listed in detail. You can check all the files one by one. Then tick the box in front of the "Contacts" item and click the recover button. Also, you can tick and recover other items you need.

Restore Contacts from iTunes Backup

The passage had showed you how to extract contacts from iTunes backup, isn't it very easy and convenient? Actually, the software can also solve many other common problems of iPhone. For more detailed information, just download the software and have a try.

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Restore Contacts from iTunes Backup

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