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Restore iPhone from iTunes Backup

How to Restore iPhone from iTunes Backup

Posted by Aimee , Nov 19, 2018

You might have come across situations in which your iPhone get lost, stolen or damaged due to some other reasons. Irrespective of the reason for the loss, it is something frustrating, particularly if you have important data in your iPhone. In this case, you can restore iPhone from your iTunes backup. But how? Well, answers are provided below.

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Part 1: How to backup iPhone on iTunes and send to iCloud backup

If you have enabled iTunes backup, your iPhone will back up automatically when you connect it to your PC. During the connecting, you can also make a new backup.
- Connect your iPhone to your PC.
- Open iTunes.
- Click Device icon on the left side of the iTunes window.
- Select Summary from the sidebar.
- Select Back Up Now under Manually Back Up and Restore.
- Click Done when you finish.
How to manually trigger an iCloud backup
As we all know, iCloud backups should work automatically at least once a day. They trigger when your device is plugged in and on Wi-Fi. Follow the guidance below.
- Open Settings on your device.
- Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen.
- Tap iCloud.
- Tap iCloud Backup.
- Tap Back Up Now.

Part 2: How to recover data from iTunes backup

Step 1: Download and launch RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery on your PC, run it. Then click "Recover". After it, choose "Recover iOS Data".
Now you can see three options on the side here. Click "Recover from iTunes Backup Files". Then the software will detect all iTunes backup files on the PC and display them in the window. Choose the ones you need according to the data it has been created.


Step 2: Choose the iTunes backup file that contains the data you want to recover and tap on "Start Scan", which may take a few minutes.

Restore iPhone from iTunes Backup

Step 3: When the scanning is OK, you can preview all the files, choose the expected contents that you want to recover then press "Recover". Please remember to keep connecting your device and PC during the process.
Tips: You can type in the name of a file in a search box in the result window to search for the data you want.

Restore from iTunes Backup Files

Tips: What if your iTunes backup file is located somewhere else?
When your iTunes backup file comes from somewhere, such as moving from another computer with a USB drive, how can you preview and get the content from it? There is a way. When you are at the first step, click "Select" under the list of iTunes backup files, and you can flexibly choose the iTunes backup file no matter where you place it.
Next, you can preview and target your iTunes backup file in the pop-up window. Just tap on "Start Scan" and you can move on with the step 2 above.
Mighty and handy, the software is your best iPhone backup extractor. Free download it and try to scan your backup now.

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Restore iPhone from iTunes Backup

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