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Undo An iOS Update

How to Undo an iPhone or iPad Update

Posted by Aimee , Sep 25, 2019

Recently, we've heard from many iPhone users asking whether they can undo an update on iPhone and how. So is it possible?
Of course yes! This is quite a common problem. A lot of users have updated their iPhone to the new iOS 12.3 only to regret it next second. Since the Beta version is not stable, which may cause so many issues with iOS devices. To fix such an issue, we will show you how to undo an iOS update using iTunes as well as a reliable third-party tool. Go on and find them out.

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Part 1: How to Undo an update on iPhone using iTunes

To undo iOS update, you can use iTunes to help you. Firstly, boot your device in the recovery mode. Please make sure that you have an updated version of iTunes installed on your system and you should check if you have backed up all your data on your device. Furthermore, please note that if you have taken a backup of iOS 12 and have downgrade it to iOS 11 instead, then the backup can't be restored.
The whole process would take so much time. If you are ready, please go on.
Step 1: Launch iTunes, then connect your iPhone to the system. Turn your iOS device off, if it isn't already.
Step 2: Boot your device in recovery mode. Please note that the exact combination might change between different iPhone models.
For iPhone 8 and later versions: Quick press and release the Volume Up button and then the Volume Down button. Now, press the Side button and keep holding it for a while until your phone boots in the recovery mode.
For iPhone 7 and 7 plus: Connect your phone and press the Power and the Volume Down buttons at the same time. Keep holding them for the next few seconds until the connect-to-iTunes logo would appear.
For iPhone 6s and previous models: Hold the Power and the Home buttons at the same time and keep pressing them for a while. Let them go once the connect-to-iTunes symbol will come on the screen.
Step 3: As long as your iPhone enter the recovery mode, iTunes will recognize it automatically. Tap on Restore and again on Restore and Update to confirm your choice.
Lastly, you will be asked to enter your Apple ID and password to authenticate the action and boot the phone in normal mode.

Delete iPhone Update

Part 2: How to delete an iOS Beta profile on iPhone/iPad

As we know, once we completed the downloading, we should get rid of the iOS beta profile. So here is how you can delete the iOS beta profile on your iPhone with ease.
1. Unlock your iOS device and go to the Settings > General > Profile.
2. Tap on the existing installer to access the profile settings.
3. Tap on Remove Profile from the bottom of the screen, then select the Remove option again from the pop-up warning.
4. Lastly, authenticate your action by entering the passcode of your iPhone to erase the beta profile permanently.

Part 3: How to undo an update on iPhone without losing data

In this part, I'd like to recommend a highly advanced and user-friendly tool, RecoveryTool Fix Recovery. It can fix all kinds of iPhone errors and it can also undo iOS update without losing the existing data on your iPhone. Follow these instructions:
Step 1: Download and launch the program on your PC. Connect your iPhone to the system via USB. Select "iOS System Recovery" to go on.

iOS System Recovery

Step 2: Tap on "Start" from the interface.


Step 3: Once the app detects your device's model and system, you need to change the current system version to an existing stable one. For example, if your iPhone runs on iOS 12.3, then select 12.2 and click on Next. Then the firmware will be downloaded on your device.

Delete iOS Update

Step 4: Now you'll be notified by the following screen. Just click on the "Repair" to undo software update on iPhone. And all you need to do is sit back and wait for a few more minutes, and your iPhone would be restarted in normal mode.

Undo iPhone Update

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Undo An iOS Update

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