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Unfreeze iPod Touch

How to Unfreeze an iPod

Posted by Kate , Aug 26, 2016

Many iPod users had the experience that their iPods were stuck on black screen or Apple logo screen. It is really not easy to unfreeze an iPod because the restoring process the Apple gives will erase the data in it. So is there a method to unfreeze iPod touch without losing data? Fortunately, the answer is yes and we are going to show you. RecoveryTool Fix Recovery is the only recovery tool you need. It can help to unfreeze your iPod in several easy and effective ways, most importantly, you will not lose any data during the fixing process.
Notes: Only iPod touch 4 and iPod touch 5 are included, while the others may also be included in short time.

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Part 1: Simple Trick to Unfreeze iPod Touch

Just like any other device, an iPod may freeze and be non-responsive to any command. In such situations, the best thing to do is reset the device. Also, sometimes the hold button on your iPod may remain in the lock position, which will prevent you from using the device. You will need to push it back to the unlocked position and wait for the device to unfreeze.
Here is how to do on iPod touch: At the top of the device there is a sleep/wake button. This is the button you press to put the device to sleep or to wake it up. To unfreeze an iPod touch, you need to hold this button and then press the home button at the same time. Hold this until you see the Apple logo on the screen. This will reset the iPod.

Part 2: How to Unfreeze an iPod touch

Step 1. Download the Software and Run the Program

To begin with, download the software on your computer. There are two versions for you, one is for Windows and the other Mac. Just download the suitable one and then launch the program. Don't forget to connect your computer to the iPod.

Step 2. Choose the Recovery Mode

Enter the program and then you will see the main window. There will be several recovery modes for you to choose, just click the "iOS System Recovery", trust the program and click "Start" to continue.
How to Unfreeze an iPod

Step 3. Download the Latest Firmware

The program will detect your device and provide you with the latest version of the iOS firmware. A latest firmware is needed to unfreeze an iPod, so just allow the program to download it.


Step 4. Fix iPod Stuck on Apple logo

After the downloading process, the program will automatically detect your iPod and then begin to fix the program. The whole process will cost you a little time, so just be patient and wait.

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Okay, the passage had shown you how to unfreeze an iPod stuck in Apple logo, I am sure that it had helped you a lot. What is more, the software has many other functions such as recovering lost iOS data and Kik data. For further information, just download the software and have a try.

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Unfreeze iPod Touch

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