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Update iOS Without WiFi

How to Update iPhone without WiFi

Posted by RecoveryTool , Apr 25, 2022

"I'm trying to update my iPhone to iOS 15, but my phone can't connect to WiFi. Can I update my iPhone without WiFi?"
For some people, suffering from unstable WiFi is inevitable in their daily life. And when you need to update your iPhone, it's even more unacceptable. So it is necessary to know how to upgrade iPhone without WiFi. RecoveryTool provides the following solutions for updating iOS without WiFi. All you need to do is make sure you have enough storage space on your iPhone and follow the steps in this article.

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Part 1: How to update iOS through iTunes

If you have backed up your iPhone on iTunes, you might as well use iTunes to upgrade your iOS. Since updating with iTunes may lead to data loss, this is the last resort when your iPhone cannot connect to WiFi.
1. Run your iTunes on your computer and upgrade it to the latest version.
2. Connect your phone and computer via USB cable.
3. On the left side of the software interface, you can see the "Summary" item. After tapping it, go to the "Check for update" item.
4. Wait for iTunes to upgrade your iPhone for you.

Update iOS through iTunes

Part 2: How to update your iPhone without WiFi or computer

Without WiFi, iTunes, and a computer, the most viable option to upgrade your iPhone is via cellular data. This costs a lot of data, so you need to have an adequate data plan.
1. Make sure your iPhone battery is at least 50% charged. Then you can tap the "Settings" app on your phone.
2. Locate "General" and click it.
3. Find and click on the "Software Update" item.
4. If an update is available, you can click "Download and Install".
5. After the iOS firmware download is complete, click the "Install Now" item.
6. Once the iOS installation is complete, your iOS device will reboot.

Update iPhone without WiFi

Part 3: How to update your iPhone without WiFi

Compared to other methods, professional third-party tools can provide an excellent way to upgrade your iPhone without WiFi. RecoveryTool Fix Recovery is an efficient iOS system tool that can also be used to assist in upgrading iOS. There is a risk of data loss in updating iOS with iTunes, and upgrading iOS with this iOS system repair software will not have to worry about data loss.
1. Download this program from RecoveryTool and install it on your computer. Connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable.
2. After running this software, you need to select "iOS System Recovery" in the software interface.

iOS System Recovery

3. Go to the next step and check the iOS device information displayed by the software. Then you can click the "Repair" button to download the firmware package.
4. Finally, wait for the software to fix and upgrade your iPhone.

Update iPhone without WiFi

If your iPhone has a black screen and other failures, this tool is the best repair software.
At this point, you can easily upgrade your iPhone without WiFi. However, RecoveryTool strongly recommends using a professional tool to update your iOS without WiFi to avoid unnecessary trouble. Besides, it is also an efficient iOS repair software for many extreme situations.

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Update iOS Without WiFi

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