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Update iPhone With Or Without iTunes

How to Update iPhone with/without iTunes

Posted by Aimee , Mar 01, 2019

When the iOS 12 released, many iPhone users are eager to update their iPhone to the latest iOS 12. There are two ways to update the iOS of your device. One is via Wi-Fi, the other is using iTunes. And to be honest, using mobile data connection (3G/4G) to update iOS isn't a wise thing since the update is heavy and time-consuming. So Wi-Fi or iTunes, please select either of them.

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Part 1: How to update iPhone with and without iTunes

Now let's try the way of updating iOS using Wi-Fi. Before the updating, please make sure your iPhone is completed charged and the Wi-Fi connection is stable. Follow the steps below:
Cautions, tips and tricks:
1. Make sure that the installation process is not interrupted or terminated abnormally, otherwise, it may cause a serious problem.
2: Use the recovery mode if there is something wrong. The DFU mode can be used if the problem gets worse.
Step 1: Firstly, go to Home screen and tap Settings > General. Go to the Software Update menu, and your iPhone will check whether there is an update available.
Step 2: If so, it will be listed on the screen. Select you desired update, and tap the Install Now option if updating to iOS 12 or the Download and Install option, in case you're updating to iOS 11.
Step 3: Now your device will ask you whether you want to download the updates via Wi-Fi, confirm it and then it will prompt you to connect to a charging source. Then click on Agree that appears on the bottom right of the screen. As the downloading begins, a blue process bar will appear. Once the process is OK, your iPhone will ask you if you want to update the device now or later. Select Install. Then the screen will go black with the Apple logo and a process will appear again. When the installation is done, your iPhone will restart and ready to use.
If you don't want to above method, just try the next one. Update your iPhone with iTunes.
Step 1: Firstly, connect your iPhone to your PC and open iTunes. A backup and syncing process will start automatically. If not, do it manually.
Step 2: Now click on your iPhone's name from among the devices listed in the left menu to start the updating.
Step 3: Go to Summary > Check for Update > Update. If an update is available, a notification from iTunes will appear. Select Download and Update.
Step 4: If prompted for any further decisions, keep pressing Okay. The installation will start automatically, your iPhone will restart once. It is done and then you can use it.

Part 2: How to fix iPhone black screen if it's a software problem

If the above two methods didn't complete the update, then chances are that there is something wrong with your iPhone, that is to say, a software-related issue occurs. Above all, we should fix it with the help of RecoveryTool Fix Recovery. With such program, all sorts of iPhone errors can be fixed without any data loss. Steps are provided as below:
Step 1: Install, launch and run it on your PC. Click on the option of "iOS System Recovery" from the welcome screen.


Step 2: Now please connect your iPhone to the system via USB and the program will recognize your device. Next, tap on "Start" to initiate the process.


Step 3: Then follow the on-screen instructions, put your iPhone into DFU mode.

iPhone Update

Step 4: provide basic information regarding your iPhone (like device model, firmware update, and more) in the next window and tap on the "Repair" button.

iOS Update

Step 5: Now the software will download the respective firmware update for your device and you just need to sit back and wait till it's Okay. Once it's done, the program will start fixing your iPhone automatically. Afterwards, your iPhone will be restarted in normal state.


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Update iPhone With Or Without iTunes

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