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VPN Not Working on iPhone

How to Fix VPN Not Connecting on iPhone

Posted by RecoveryTool , Apr 13, 2022

"I can successfully connect the VPN on the iPhone using the IPsec protocol but cannot access the network. And I can't connect the VPN on the iPhone through the NEVPNManager app. But when I enable the VPN in the system settings, it works fine. What's wrong? "
Someone might run into issues with their subscription VPN not functioning properly. There are several reasons for a VPN not working, and this article will provide solutions to fix VPN not connecting on iPhone for these issues. However, suppose the solutions given by RecoveryTool do not solve the problem. In that case, you should contact your VPN provider as this user guide can only fix general solutions for not working VPN on iPhone.

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Part 1: Why can't connect VPN on iPhone

Popping up an "Unable to Connect" error message or getting stuck in the "Connecting" state are common examples of VPN not working. It would be difficult to list why a VPN app on an iPhone fails to connect. But Expressvpn, Nordvpn and Netflix not working can be summarized as the following reasons:
- The VPN server is under maintenance.
- An antivirus or online security application is blocking the VPN connection.
- The VPN version is too old to be used.
- Caused by network failure.
- iOS system issues.
- Incorrect settings.

Unable to Connect VPN on iPhone

Part 2: Common Ways to Fix VPN Not Working on iPhone

Here are some general troubleshooting tips that have been proven to fix VPN not connecting issues on iPhones.

1. Rerun your VPN app

When you get stuck in a loop when connecting to a VPN, you can turn off the VPN you are running and then rerun and connect it.

2. Reset the device network settings

- Find the "Settings" item on the iPhone.
- Then click on "General".
- Go to "Reset" and click "Reset Network Settings", then enter your account password to confirm the operation.

3. Force close the VPN and restart it

A VPN that freezes or gets stuck in a loop should force close and restart it.
For iPhone X or later
Swipe up on the iPhone screen, then stop in the middle of the screen to bring up the app switcher.
For iPhone 8 or earlier
Swipe up the VPN card after double-tapping the home button.

4. Try other connection regions

When a region has been unable to connect properly, you can try switching from one region to another. This may solve the problem. The connection regions that can be changed and the method of changing will vary by VPN app.

5. Upgrade VPN

Using the latest version of the VPN helps avoid software issues or bugs.
- Click to open "App Store".
- After clicking the account icon in the upper right corner, pull down to find the App Updates section.
- Check if an update is available for your installed VPN app.
- Click the "Update" button on the right to complete the update.

6. Uninstall and reinstall the VPN app

A crashed, or non-working VPN may be due to corrupted or missing files in the app. Reinstalling it would be a good repair option.
- Long press your VPN icon on the home screen until a menu pops up.
- Then tap the "Remove App" item.
- Click "Delete App" to uninstall VPN.
- Open "App Store" after removing VPN.
- Navigate to the "Search" tab and type in the name of the VPN you are using.
- Find and install it in the search results.

7. Check Wi-Fi network status

Sometimes it's not necessarily a VPN problem but also a Wi-Fi problem. You can try loading a web page in Safari to determine the Wi-Fi connection status. Or switch to LTE to use a VPN.

8. Shut down or restart the router

Sometimes network congestion can render a VPN connection useless. The most straightforward way is to shut down and restart your router.

9. Restart your phone

If the VPN is connected but not working. At this point, restart your iPhone.

10. The most effective way to fix VPN not connecting on iPhone

A glitch in the iOS system can also cause an invalid or non-working VPN connection. RecoveryTool Fix Recovery will be the best assistant to fix this type of problem at this time.
- Launch this tool after installing it on your computer. Then select the "iOS System Recovery" function among them.
Most effective way to fix VPN

- To go to the next step, you need to connect your iPhone to your computer via a USB cable.
- Confirm your iOS device information, and then you can start downloading the firmware package.
- After downloading the firmware package, you can click the "Repair" button to repair it.

Ways to Fix VPN Not Working on iPhone

- Finally, check whether the VPN can connect normally.

11. Contact your VPN service provider

If the above ten methods did not fix the VPN not connecting issue for you, you should contact the VPN for customer support.

12. Using other VPN services

Trying a different VPN app might be a better option when you're running out of options.

The above is the most comprehensive solution to fix VPN not connecting on iPhone. It would be best to choose according to your actual situation to solve the problem as soon as possible.

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VPN Not Working on iPhone

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