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Why Won't my iPhone or iPad Charge

How to fix an iPhone or iPad that won't charge

Posted by Aimee , Apr 28, 2020

"After updating the iOS system yesterday, the charging of my iPhone will stop when the battery reaches about 80%. I use an Apple cable and wall charger. The problem is still not resolved after the charging cable is flipped. The text "Not Charging" is still displayed. Why can't the iPhone charge? I have contacted Apple Support. They asked some basic questions and handled them according to the normal process. However, I urgently need to use the phone. Is there any other faster solution? I'm happy to try any suggestions. "
Both iPhone and iPad are excellent electronic products from Apple. With the increase of use time, it will become old, especially the battery. When the iPhone or iPad is plugged in for charging, they may say "Not Charging". After the device runs out of power, its screen will remain black. What can you do? In this user guide, we will provide some ways to deal with iPhone or iPad not charging.

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Part 1: Reasons why iOS devices cannot be charged

When the device won't charge, you need to determine the reason for the failure to find the corresponding solution.
1. An iOS system or software problems.
2. The charging plug or charging cable is damaged.
3. The battery is aging.
4. The charging port of the device is blocked by foreign objects.
5. A mismatched charging cable or charging head is used.

iOS Devices Cannot be Charged

Part 2: Fix iOS system failure

After preliminary troubleshooting, you can try to use RecoveryTool Fix Recovery to repair the charging problem. It can fix most issues related to the iOS system without losing data. Now, let's try to solve the issue.
1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer.
2. Run the repair software and click "iOS System Recovery".
iOS System Recovery

3. The repairable options will be listed on the tool interface, click the "Start" button.


4. Download the firmware that matches the device.

Fix iOS System Failure

Note: This method cannot repair the physical failure of the device.
In addition to repairing iDevices that cannot be charged, this iOS system tool may also be able to repair bricked iPhones. If it is not resolved, then you can try other methods until the problem is solved.

Part 3: Other methods commonly used to repair failed charging

The repair tool can quickly solve the problem, but it is not 100% effective. In most cases, you can also refer to the following methods.
1. A hard reset can be performed when the iPhone or iPad is not charging.
2. Check whether the data cable or charging plug is damaged. Use the available data cable and charging plug to test whether they are damaged.
3. Clean up the foreign objects on the charging port of the iOS device. Dust, hair, lint, and other debris in the port will cause the device to fail to charge.


4. If the device is stuck and cannot be charged, you can try to restart the device.
5. Use other power outlets for charging, and do not charge iOS devices through the computer.
6. If your iDevice has been used for more than two years, then the battery is probably aging. Replacing the battery will help solve the problem.
The above method can repair the device unable to charge, and it is also applicable to unknown error 56, disabled iPhone, etc.

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Why Won't my iPhone or iPad Charge

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