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Block Ads on iPad and iPhone

How to Block Ads in Safari on iOS Devices

Posted by Aimee , May 17, 2020

There are so many annoying ads on the Internet. How do you stop advertising popping up on your iPhone or iPad? In fact, you can easily block them using the Apple Safari browser. This method will be more convenient. You can still access your favorite website at any time through Safari bookmarks. At the same time, disabling ads helps to provide page loading speed and extend battery life. Let's take a look at how to get rid of the ads that are constantly popping up on iOS devices.

Block Ads on iPad and iPhone

Part 1: How to prevent iPhone or iPad from popping up ads

There are many applications that block ads, but we recommend using the pop-up blocker built into iOS. You don't need to download the app separately. Just do the following:
1. Click the "Settings" item on the iPhone or iPad.
2. Find and go to "Safari".
3. Enable "Block Pop-ups" in the "GENERAL" column.

Block Pop-ups Ads

After enabling it, you can prevent intrusion of pop-up windows. If you want to get rid of spam calls, you can make corresponding settings in "Settings".

Part 2: Ad blocking plugin for Safari

If the program that comes with iOS to stop pop-up ads does not meet your expectations, then you can use a third-party ad-blocking app.
-Norton Ad Blocker
This is an ad-blocking app from Symantec. The company has many years of experience running antivirus software. Therefore, this free plugin is worth trying.

Norton Ad Blocker

This is also a free tool. A large number of blocking rules are built into the app, and custom rules are supported to block unnecessary advertisements.
-AdGuard Free
It is a popular open-source interception app. Its filter can effectively delete advertisements and protect users' privacy.
In addition to these free ad blockers, you can also find many other blocking apps in the iOS App Store. These third-party applications can provide more options. For iOS system abnormalities, you can also use the corresponding repair tool.

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Block Ads on iPad and iPhone

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