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Blur Background on iPhone Photos

How to Blur the Background in Pictures on iPhone

Posted by Aimee , May 26, 2021

Shooting clear images is one of the goals of many photographers. However, this is not always the case. Blurring the background in the picture helps to focus the viewer's attention where you need it. How to blur the background of the photo on the iPhone? This may be difficult for you. Continue reading this article and you will learn how to use this highlighting technique. You need the following methods to create professional photos with bokeh effects.

Portrait Mode can be used to create blurred backgrounds

One of the most common ways to blur the background of a photo on the iPhone is to use portrait mode. The portrait mode can blur the background of people, but it cannot be used to capture pets and inanimate objects.
1. Run the Camera app.
2. Click "Portrait". Then scroll to select different lighting options.
3. When shooting, the camera lens of the mobile phone must be a certain distance away from the person.
4. When the subject is clear and the background is blurred, you can press the shutter button. 

Portrait Mode

If the iPhone application keeps crashing in portrait mode, you need to repair the iOS system before using the portrait mode function.

Blur the background by getting close to the subject

For iPhones without portrait mode, you can also have a simple solution. Adjusting the shooting distance can achieve the blur effect without downloading other applications. As long as you master this technique, you can create blurry photo backgrounds for free.
1. After running the Camera application, point the lens at the subject.
2. Step closer to the subject to blur the background. Tap the shooting focus on the phone screen.
3. When the yellow frame appears, you can click the shutter button to take a photo.

Close to the subject

Hope the above two methods can help Apple users easily create blurred backgrounds. If you lost the beautiful pictures, then RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery will be your hope.

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Blur Background on iPhone Photos

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