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Change Password on iPhone

How to Change Passcode on iPhone

Posted by Aimee , Mar 13, 2022

Your iPhone contains emails, pictures, payment details, and other sensitive information. If hackers or strangers obtain this data, it will reveal a lot of your privacy. Therefore, it is imperative to protect your mobile phone. Fortunately, Apple allows users to add passcodes to iOS devices, which helps prevent unauthorized access. Instead, it's a customizable six-digit code that contains letters and numbers. Besides that, you can also use Face ID and other types as your password. Of course, you can also remove all passcodes on your iPhone, but this is dangerous behavior. The right thing to do is to not only set a passcode for your iPhone but to change those passcodes regularly. Like passwords for online accounts, holding a single password for long periods reduces the security of your device. So if you want to change your passcode, you should know how to upgrade or change the passcode on your iPhone.

How to change iPhone lock screen password

People tend to use simple passwords because they think a strong passcode makes the unlocking process complicated and lengthy. And cumbersome passwords may cause iDevice to be locked due to forgetting. But no matter what type of passcode, regularly changing the lock screen passcode can keep your iPhone data safe. Here's how to change your phone's lock screen password.
1. Click the "Settings" button on the iPhone, then go to the "Passcode" item.
2. You will then be asked to enter your current password.
3. Next, you can click "Change Passcode". Then enter your old password here.
4. Type your new password.
5. Re-enter your new password here and wait for the password to be updated.
If you have forgotten the lock screen passcode, then you obviously cannot use this method to change your iPhone lock screen passcode.

iPhone Lock Screen

How to change iPhone passcode to 6 digits

Fortunately, the iPhone or iPad requires a six-digit passcode by default after iOS 9. This will make the device more secure since there are more combinations to guess, basically preventing strangers from forcibly accessing your phone. But it's also a bit annoying.
1. Tap "Settings" on the iPhone's home screen.
2. After going to "Passcode", fill in your old password.
3. Click "Change Passcode". Then type in your old password.
4. After clicking "Passcode Options", click "Custom Alphanumeric Code".
5. Fill in your new password. Then, type the same passcode again.

Six-digit Passcode

How to change iPhone passcode to 4 digits

If you don't want to use a complicated six-digit passcode, you still have the option to change the passcode on your iPhone to four digits. This process may not be easy. Therefore, you can read the steps below to set a four-digit passcode on your iPhone quickly.
1. First, you need to tap the "Settings" app on your iPhone.
2. Click "Passcode" and then "Change Passcode".
3. After filling in the password, you can click the "Passcode Options" item.
4. Then select "4-Digit Numeric Code" and enter your new password.
5. Enter the new four-digit password again. The new password will be successfully set.

Four-digit Passcode

You can easily change the passcode on your iPhone with the above method. However, the locked device cannot be removed or set a password through this method.

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Change Password on iPhone

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