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Clear iCloud Storage

How to Clear Some Space in iCloud Storage

Posted by Aimee , Sep 15, 2019

Once the "Not Enough Storage" warning pop-up appears on the device, it should be that Apple's free 5GB iCloud storage space is full. If the iCloud storage space is not cleared in time. Then this annoying pop-up will repeat itself. This is a very crashing thing.
In general, the free iCloud storage space can meet the needs of most users. However, if you are using a space-consuming file such as a video or image, then this 5GB iCloud storage space will soon be insufficient. If you don't plan to buy more storage for iCloud, you must clear your iCloud storage space to make more room.

Not Enough Storage

How to clear iCloud storage

Before we clear the iCloud storage space, we need to find out which ones occupy the iCloud storage space. Please click in the following order:
Settings > iCloud > Storage >  Manage Storage
In the "Backups" interface, you can see a list of devices. You will be amazed that the data of devices that are no longer in use is still kept in iCloud. These useless data often take up a lot of iCloud storage space. When you are sure that the data for these old devices is no longer useful, you can delete them by clicking on the device's name and then clicking the "Delete Backup" button. This will free up a lot of iCloud storage space.
Of course, if all the data in iCloud is important to you, then you can choose to delete the data of the unwanted applications. The specific method is as follows:
1. Select the appropriate device name.
2. Close the data backup option for the application.

Clear iCloud Storage

Note: Once you have selected not to back up the data of the application, the previous backup data will be deleted.
When you close an application that does not need to be backed up via iCloud, more iCloud storage is released. It is generally recommended to choose those applications that are not important. For important data, it is recommended to back up via iCloud. There are many factors that can cause data loss, and restoring data is not an easy task. In many cases, third-party tools are required to recover deleted files on iOS. So you must consider what data does not need to be backed up by iCloud. Avoid unnecessary troubles in the future.
In the long run, buying iCloud storage will be a cost-effective thing. Avoid the trouble of deleting data. It can also back up more data.

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Clear iCloud Storage

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