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Clear Map History on iPhone

How to Clear Map History on iPhone

Posted by Aimee , Jan 08, 2022

"Recently, users on the Apple forum asked how to clear the history of the Apple Map app on the iPhone."
To know where you have been in the last week, you can browse the location history of your iPhone. This is a very detailed record of your whereabouts information. If these contents are leaked out, your personal safety will be difficult to guarantee. How can we avoid this extreme situation? It is enough to delete the map history on your iPhone regularly. This can protect your personal privacy and avoid unnecessary troubles.
Google Maps and Apple's official maps are common apps for many mobile phone users. Therefore, most of the map history of Apple users is stored in these two applications. Generally speaking, what iOS users have to do is erase the map history of these two apps.

How to clear Google Maps history

The navigation provided by Google Maps is very detailed. This is both good and bad. To erase the route and search recorded by the app, you can do this step by step.
1. Click the Google Maps icon on the iPhone.
2. Find "Settings" on the app interface.
3. Navigate to "Map History". Then you can see your map history. Click the "X" button to clear them.

Clear Google Maps History

How to delete map history on iPhone

The erasure of Apple's official maps is an easy task. You just need to do this.
1. Find the official map application on your iPhone and run it.
2. Long press the search bar of this app. Swipe up to see the search card.
3. Swipe to the left one by one to remove them.

Delete Map History

There is nothing bad about deleting data purposefully. But if you accidentally delete important files, it's a mess. There is a recovery program for iOS devices on RecoveryTool.

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Clear Map History on iPhone

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