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Delete Contacts on iPhone

How to Delete Contacts on iPhone

Posted by Ellen , Mar 28, 2017

Need to delete a contact from you iPhone? Maybe you want to delete all contacts from the iPhone, and everywhere else they appear so that you can start anew with a completely blank address book? You can do both easily and quickly, and while deleting a single contact is quick and easy from iOS in the Contacts app. You can delete contact cards directly on the iPhone itself, though it must be done on a per-contact basis as there is currently no way to bulk delete more than one individual. This makes it a slower process than the previous method. In my opinion, if you want to delete the contacts, you'd better do a backup on your iPhone.
Step1: Tap "Contacts"
You can see your contacts list and click the contact you want to delete. Then choose the 'Edit' button in the corner.
Step 2: Scroll to and touch "Delete Contact"

In this step, you need to scroll down and you can find the red “Delete Contact” button, confirm the deletion of the contact when asked.

delete contacts

Step 3: Confirm to remove the contact
You need to remove the same contact from other iCloud synced devices at the same time.
Step 4: Repeat as necessary for to remove other individual contacts
At this time, you can delete one, multiple, all, or any contacts this way directly from your iPhone.

Delete Contacts on iPhone

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