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Delete Photos from iPhone

How to Delete Pictures from iPhone

Posted by Kate , Mar 17, 2015

Here we are going to discuss how to remove photos from iphone. There is no difference between iPhone 6 and other generation in deleting photos. A new button added in iPhone 6 called "deleted items" in iPhone 6 is developed to prevent accidental deletion and data loss.

How to delete photos from iphone?

1. Run "Photo" application in iPhone 6.

2. Choose a image you want to delete and tap on the "Trash bin" icon to delete it.


Deleting photos directly from iPhone

1. Run "Photo" application in iPhone 6.

2. Tap "Camera Roll" and hit "Select" button in the upper right corner.


3. Select pictures and remove them by tapping "Trash bin" button in the bottom right corner.

Delete iPhone Photos

4. Click "delete 12 photos" to confirm to delete your photos.

Delete Photos

How to completely delete your photos?

Photos you delete by above means will be sent to "recycle bin". Now follow the below steps to completely remove your photos.

1. Go to the "Album" and hit "Deleted items".

2. Now you can see the photos you have recently deleted.

3. Choose the picture you want to remove and hit "Delete" button.

Besides, if you mistakenly delete photos, you can also get them back from "recycle bin". But if you fail to recover deleted photos from iPhone, try iPhone Data Recovery to restore your data.

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Delete Photos from iPhone

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