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Deleting iPhone and iPad Apps

How to Remove Apps on iPhone and iPad

Posted by Aimee , Jul 03, 2021

"My iPhone was left at a friend's house yesterday. He is a hacker. Without my consent, he made a mess of my iPhone. The iOS device has some useless apps that cannot be deleted.
I have done the following operations:
1. Delete these applications on the Home Screen.
2. Delete the apps via iTunes.
3. Reset my device.
All these operations are invalid. I cannot delete these useless applications at all. Can I delete apps again without jailbreaking? "
It is common for people to install various applications on iPhone, iPad, and iPod. These apps will take up the memory space of the iOS device. When the device's memory space is insufficient, we will try to delete long-unused applications from the iOS device or delete other useless content to free up the device's memory space. How to effectively manage these applications? It's easy. Read this article and we will explain the operation process for you.

Delete apps via Home Screen on iPhone or iPad

Uninstalling the application on the iOS device is very simple. You can follow the steps below to remove apps or games.
1. Find the application you want to delete on the home screen of the iPhone or iPad.
2. Long press the application icon.
3. After the app icon on the main screen shakes, you can click the "X" in the upper left corner of the icon to delete it.
4. Click the "Done" button or the "Home" button.

Delete Apps

Uninstall the app on the iOS device from the app library

App Library is unique to iPhone.
1. Swipe left on the home screen to pop up the App Library.
2. Locate the icon of the application you want to delete.
3. Long press the application icon, and then click "Delete" to perform the uninstall operation.

If you can't locate the app you want to remove, you can quickly find it by typing the app name in the search bar at the top.

Uninstall the App

A solution to the problem of not being able to delete the app

The removal of the application can be performed by the above method. However, the iPhone or iPad may not allow you to delete the application. You need to do this:
1. Navigate to "Settings".
2. Scroll down to find "Screen Time", then click "Content & Privacy Restrictions".
3. Enter the screen time password. Click on "Content & Privacy Restrictions".
4. Then click "Deleting Apps".
5. Click "Allow" in the next interface.
6. Re-execute the normal application uninstallation operation.

Content & Privacy Restrictions

If you delete the contents of other files by mistake during the deletion, you still have a chance to retrieve the contents of these files. RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery will be your reliable choice.

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Deleting iPhone and iPad Apps

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