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Downgrade iOS 13 Beta

How to Remove iOS 13 Beta and Go Back to iOS 12

Posted by Aimee , Sep 15, 2019

Apple released iOS 13 Beta this year. There are a lot of Apple fans who can't wait to try iOS 13 Beta. Of course, as a beta, not everyone likes it. You may encounter problems with the application or the entire device stopping working during use. After the early trial, many people will choose to downgrade back to iOS 12. At this time we need to find a way to remove iOS 13 Beta. So how can I downgrade from iOS 13 Beta to iOS 12? This is obviously not an easy task. In the case of improper operation, data may be lost. Even the iPhone or iPad may become bricks.
Downgrading the iOS system is different from upgrading the iOS system. Therefore, we need a professional and safe approach. This article will show you how to safely remove iOS 13 Beta.

Part 1: Performing a data backup

Whether downgrading or upgrading the iOS system. It is best to back up in advance to avoid data loss. For the downgrade of the beta, the recommendation is to back up the data via iTunes. At the same time, it is recommended to upgrade iTunes to the latest version. The iTunes backup process is as follows:
1. After launching iTunes, connect your iPad or iPhone to your computer via USB cable.
2. When iTunes recognizes your device, find the “Back Up Now” button in “Summary” for data backup.
3. After the data backup is over, you can see the latest backup time on the iTunes Summary screen. To determine if the data was successfully backed up to your computer.
Note: Backups created on iOS 13 beta are not compatible with older versions of iOS. You can't use backup files of iOS 13 beta to restore data on iOS 12.

Backup Data

Part 2: How to uninstall iOS 13 beta by restoring your device

Before upgrading iOS 13 beta, if you have used iTunes to back up your data, you can downgrade to iOS 12 via recovery mode. And use these backup files to recover data. If you haven't done any backups while using iOS 12, you can only set your device as a new one. This will result in the loss of data. So if you do not have a data backup, please be cautious.
The downgrade operation of the device is as follows:
1. Be sure to upgrade iTunes to the latest version.
2. Connect the device to the computer and place the device in recovery mode:
3. When the device enters recovery mode, click the "Restore" option.
4. Wait for the restore operation to complete and the device will return to iOS 12.
This way of removing the iOS 13 beta will result in data loss during the iOS 13 beta. It is not difficult to operate. But there are gains and losses that must be measured clearly.

Downgrade iOS 13 Beta

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Downgrade iOS 13 Beta

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