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Download and Save MP4 to iPhone

How to Download and Save MP4 Files on an iPhone

Posted by Aimee , Jan 26, 2022

"I created an mp4 video on my computer via Premiere. When I try to upload it to my iPhone 13, I find that I can't save this format file to my Gallery. Can anyone help me?" 
The method to save mp4 file format to iPhone depends on the download site. If you downloaded them from Google Drive or DropBox, then you can find the option to download to your device on the interface. But it should be noted that not all mp4 can be saved to the iPhone. And this article provides solutions for these situations where you cannot download and save mp4 to iPhone.

The easiest way to download and save MP4 files

1. Connect your iPhone to the computer and run iTunes.
2. Open "Library" at the top of the iTunes interface.

3. After clicking the "Music" item, a drop-down menu will pop up.
4. You will see "Movies" in the drop-down menu. Tap it to go to the next step.
5. Then click on the "Home Videos" item. Those video files that were not purchased from the iTunes store are categorized here.

Home Videos
6. In the next step, find and click the MP4 file you want to save, then drag it to the bottom of the iPhone device icon.
7. Once the sync is completed, your MP4 file will be saved to your iPhone.
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Download and Save MP4 to iPhone

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