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iPad Battery Icon is Yellow

How to Fix iPad Battery Icon Yellow

Posted by Aimee , Nov 13, 2021

"I charged my iPad overnight as usual. When I woke up, my battery icon was yellow instead of green. Does anyone know what happened?"
The iPad battery icon is usually white. It will be green when charging. What's wrong with the battery icon suddenly turning yellow? Your iOS device is not damaged. It is just in Low Power Mode. Low Power Mode can reduce the amount of power used when the iPad battery is low. But it will suspend most network operations, reduce screen brightness, stop push & receive mail, etc. Don't worry too much, you can disable it by following the method in this article.

iPad Battery Icon is Yellow

How to turn off Low Power Mode

1. Go to "Settings" on the Home screen.
2. Find "Battery", then click "Low Power Mode".
3. Switch "Low Power Mode" to the off state.

Turn Off Low Power Mode

After disabling Low Power Mode, you will not receive a low battery warning when the battery is below 20%. If the problem is not resolved, you can perform an iOS system repair on the iPad after troubleshooting the battery failure.

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iPad Battery Icon is Yellow

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