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Open Apple Maps Locations in Google Maps

How to Open Apple Maps Locations in Google Maps

Posted by Aimee , Oct 03, 2020

iOS users usually prefer the default map application. After iOS 12, CarPlay already supports third-party applications. Therefore, people can use Google Maps to navigate when needed. However, neither Apple nor Google provide built-in options for this. Users still cannot seamlessly switch data between different map applications. This means that your Apple Maps location cannot be exported to other map applications. Is there any way to open the location of Apple Maps on Google Maps? You can use the following tips to solve this problem.

Apple Maps

Part 1. Jailbreak iPhone

Jailbreak is a privilege escalation for iOS devices, which can eliminate the restrictions of the iOS operating system. After jailbreaking, you can set Google Maps as the default navigation tool. No longer need to switch between different map applications. However, it should be noted that jailbreak essentially uses iOS security vulnerabilities, so there are certain security risks. If you have already jailbroken iPhone, it is recommended to remove the jailbreak. If the jailbreak has not been performed, it is not recommended to perform this operation unless it is necessary.

Jailbreak iPhone

Part 2. Use paid apps

The Opener app allows the address of Apple Maps to be displayed on Google Maps. And you can use these locations between Apple Maps and Google Maps.
1. After downloading and installing Opener, run Apple Maps.
2. Search for a location and then click the "Share" button to share.
3. Select the Opener application. Then tap "Open Link in Google Maps".
4. You will need to click "Open" to confirm the address you want to open.
5. Tap "Start" to navigate.

Opener App

The purpose can be achieved by using paid tools, but it is not urgent to open the location of Apple Maps in Google Maps. These map apps are replaceable, so choose one of them to use.

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Open Apple Maps Locations in Google Maps

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