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Record Facetime Call on iPhone

How to Record a FaceTime Call on iPhone

Posted by Aimee , May 30, 2020

FaceTime is a free video and audio calling software that many Apple fans like to use. For some important reasons, some users may need to record video or audio in FaceTime calls on the iPhone. However, it is not so easy to record a conversation on it. In the past, the iPhone did not have a built-in recorder. The screen recording function was not added until the iOS 11 version. For legal reasons, using this function can capture video but does not allow audio recording.
You cannot record audio from FaceTime calls, but you can still record the video portion of FaceTime. To save a conversation or video on the iPhone, a third-party tool is required. These applications can be downloaded in the app store. If you need FaceTime to record videos without a voice on the iPhone, then you can use this screen recording function. It should be noted that the other party's consent is required before recording. Perform the following steps to record any content displayed on a Facetime call or phone screen.

FaceTime call

In most cases, the iOS screen recording function can be quickly enabled from the Control Centre. Methods as below:
Swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone screen, you will see a circle with a white round icon in the Control Centre. This is the screen recording button. Click to enable it.
If you cannot find it, then this feature needs to be added to the Control Centre.
1. Click Settings app and find Control Centre.
2. Go to Control Centre and tap Customise Controls.
3. Scroll down to find Screen Recording and add it to Control Centre.

Screen Recording

After completing the above operations, you can start recording the video part of the FaceTime call.
1. Click on the screen recording icon in Control Centre and enable it.
2. Start using FaceTime to make calls on the iPhone. When the call is ended, open the Control Centre and click the screen recording icon again to end the recording.
3. You can find the video you just recorded in Photos.
If you accidentally delete a FaceTime call recorded on your iPhone, you can only use the file program to recover it.

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Record Facetime Call on iPhone

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